10 Top Reasons to Blog on the 4th of July

I was always amazed at how much mail I get on the holidays from internet marketers. But it always seemed strange because most people should be busy entertaining, hanging out or watching a marathon on TV.

Then it hit me. Hey, how would I know about the online activity during a holiday unless I was online? That’s right I am one of those folks blogging and doing other stuff online, when I can, during the holidays.

So, although, I am supposed to be working on an  upcoming presentation for next week, I thought I would share this post I was writing in my mind while running my errands today.

10 Top Reasons to Blog on the 4th of July

1.  Everyone online does not celebrate the holiday so you can focus on your oversea readers

2. You just never liked hot dogs ,hamburgers and ribs. Plus everyone is not into vegi, vegan and tofu so you might as well stay home.

3. If you are blogging and remember an issue you wanted to ask your host about you can get almost instant access to 24 hour support because everyone else is busy having fun.

4. If you are have your laptop at the barbercue you can impress your friends and family

5. You can blog about holiday sales and specials.

6. You don’t have a life.

7. You might get more comments from other bloggers online who don’t have a life

8. If you blog for your job you will look like a go getter if folks see you posted on a holiday.

9. It is a good time to volunteer to be a guest blogger for someone who needs a break to get a life.

10. If you blog then Tweet someone may bring you a dinner or invite you over to their celebration.

4 thoughts on “10 Top Reasons to Blog on the 4th of July

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  2. Rosie, Are you telling me I don’t have a life? LOL (I blogged a little today already.) Hmmm…now I’m wondering if I’ll get a BBQ invite later on…We’ll see.

    Happy 4th to you and yours!


  3. Well we should form a special blogging club-“No Lifers”. Seriously, the reality is that we DO have a life but make choices to merge it with online actions all with a specific purpose!

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