Choosing A Blogging Tool To Fit Your Blogging Style

Starting a blog should be easy, but it can be hard to know where to start. There are dozens of different blogging programs and hosting providers, each with its own perks and quirks. There is no best blogging app, but some are better for certain blogging styles. Here are my top picks for four different types of blogger: The Beginner, The Journaler,

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Boomer-Are You Ready To Blog?-7 Things You Should Do Before You Start-Part 5

PLAN the layout of your blog. You have your objectives. You know why you want to blog. Now it is time to plan the layout of your blog. Before you decide on a template or theme it is a good idea to use some kind of worksheet that will show you where you want what to go. For example if you want links or blogroll on your blog where will it be? Will you put it in a column or sidebar on the left or right? Also, will you need 3 columns or 2?

We have found that laying out your blog ahead of time can save you lots of time. Ray has developed a real easy to use template for you. It has a place for you to write down what you want. Now, I advise you to make copies before you start. This will give you an opportunity to make mistakes, change your mind, etc.

If you would like a copy take a few seconds to click on the page named FREE TOOLS  to download  the pdf.

If you have any questions just let us know.


When You Don’t Know What to Blog About Think About Blogging Betty Boomer

If you look at the last cartoon post Blogging Betty Boomer is in a meeting. Whereas, one member of her group is thinking about her blogging post. Many would say that the meeting looks boring and that’s why the other worker is thinking about his game. But regardless of the excitement or non-excitement of the meeting Blogging Betty Boomer has decided to take advantage of the opportunity to create blogging material.

Now how does this apply to you? When you are in meetings or any gathering listen, I mean really LISTEN to information that may relate to your blogging topic. If your expertise is presentation skills, for example, you could analyze the delivery skills of the presenter. Without sharing your results you could write a post to your blog about using vocal variety.

Blogging opportunities are all around you so do not let them get away. Remember if you are in a long meeting it’s just enough material many posts. Consider the fact also that you can blog your opinions. If you disagree with something said in a meeting you can present the issue and share your agreements or disagreements.

Remember also that sometimes your disagreements make great stuff for lots comments.


Thanks Ray for another great cartoon!

Blogging Crash Course by Tim Wilson

From time to time we will make really current and easy to understand tutorials, e-books, and special reports.

Today, or tonight rather since it is almost 11:18 pm I want to tell you that Tim’s special report is great!

Tim says the following:

  • I created a steady new flow of 250 visitors (plus) per day for a site in the self-improvement niche. That’s 7,500 new, highly targeted visitors per month!
  • I took a brand new site from PR 0 to PR 3 in less than 10 days. This process can normally take up to several months to achieve.
  • I added an average additional income of $425 per month to an established business. This revenue was completely passive and it was NOT from Adsense!
  • I created multiple first page listings on Google and other major search engines for a number of different search terms.
  • And all this is only the beginning!

If you want to invest in a copy of the Crash Course by Tim Wilson available by clicking on the tab that says Blogging Crash Course on top of the blog. I am reading my copy now.


Are You Looking for the Post on Blogging Betty Boomer?

Many of you may be looking for the post with the picture and podcast for Blogging Betty Boomer. Now if you are an experienced blogger you already know to visit the categories in the sidebar. But if you are not that is what I want to tell you.

Some reading this may say why do they repeat themselves so much? Well remember the mission of this blog? It is for boomers who may still be a wee bit computer shy , blog shy and need gentle hand holding at times.

Those of you who have already arrived know t he feeling of trying to understand and figure this blogging system out. To be very honest Ray and I have not arrived and much of what we have been and will be sharing is some of the things we are learning.

In many ways this blog will be a way to keep it fresh in our own minds. Which reminds me of a wonderful adult learning principle. When you want to learn something your self teach someone what you are learning step by step.

Ladies and Gents this is just another reason to start your blog if you have not done so yet. And it is another reason to keep posting regularly if you started one and just have not paid attention to it lately.

Take care and more Blogging Betty Boomer cartoons are on Ray’s desk so stay tuned.


Feedblitz is Boomer Friendly

We really like Feedblitz because it is great for folks who do not know how to submit their names to the RSS readers. With feedblitz all you have to do is key in your email in the little box on the site.
Once you put your email in you will get a message in your email asking you to confirm that you actually submitted your email address. This is great because without that folks could put your name in countless blogs. Every time someone posts or makes an entry to their blog you will get a notification indicating that a new post was made to the blog.
Now if you are following this blog and you put in a post you probably get a post every day in your email. But have no fear you can always just delete it if you do not want to read anything about blogs that day.
So check out feedblitz and start using it to stay current with your favorate blogs.

Blogging Betty Boomer Has Decided to Write a Tips Booklet

If you recall the post of the cartoon of Blogging Betty Boomer, you will note that she is looking at her computer. She just finished reading the article by Paulette and has decided that she had a lot of stuff that would make great material for a tips booklet.

How will she do it?

She is going to create a post for each tip. Just think at the end of 77 posts, for example, she will have 77 tips. The tips will get comments from the blogging world. That will give her an idea of how people are responding to her topic.

After she creates her tips booklet she can give it away or make it available for a small investment. She can also get sponsorships for the booklet. She knows, of course, that she can visit  Paulette Ensign’s blog for more help.

So there you have it another reason to blog.


In case you missed the cartoon and the reason why it was created just go to the posting for Aug. 25.

Baby Boomers and Booklets-Share and Share Alike-By Paulette Ensign

Below is a wonderful article written by Paulette Ensign who is a boomer and expert in creating tips booklets. Enjoy and think about the powerful ideas she was kind enough to share on this blog.


By Paulette Ensign


As one of those fabulous Baby Boomers, you now own a lifetime of valuable experiences, experiences that are useful to other people. You’ve given so much to your family all these years. It’s dawning on you there may be a larger audience who would benefit from your knowledge. You’re just beginning to hit your stride. Writing a book is too daunting. The speaking circuit isn’t quite right, either. What else can you do?


One easy answer is a tips booklet. Create a tips booklet from those discoveries you’ve made — with your family, your work, your personal interests, your trials, and your victories. You can make a huge contribution to someone else’s life by passing along your first-hand wisdom, in bite-sized pieces. It will definitely take you less time, money, and stress to write a booklet than an entire book. Plus you’ll become an instant author.


Your everyday solutions may have seemed like common sense at the time. And for you, it was. With some distance and further evaluation, you now see what was common sense to you isn’t necessarily common sense to someone else.


  • Look at the answers you found for creating balance between home and work.
  • Re-examine the paths your business took from start to today.
  • Think about the journey you had with health care providers for your parents.
  • Remember the experiences and ideas you generated traveling with your children.
  • Ponder the processes you implemented for volunteer community groups.


These are a few ideas to get you thinking. This will jog your memory into a wealth of material to write about, a gold mine to share with others. Your challenge may then become selecting only one topic for a booklet. The process of sharing ideas can be lucrative for you, both in personal reward and in dollars. There are thousands of companies and organizations that will find your booklet useful as a vehicle for promoting their own product, service, or cause. When your booklet relates to a business of your own, that booklet will also be a marketing tool for you every time you sell your booklet to someone else who distributes it for their own purposes. It is a win in every direction.


Once you’ve completed your booklet manuscript and identified potential buyers to contact, consider what other formats the manuscript content can become. Before you know it, you’ll have an entire line of information products related to your original idea, products that will serve you and the people receiving your information in ways limited only by your imagination and willingness.


© 2004, Paulette Ensign

Paulette Ensign (herself a thriving Baby Boomer) has personally sold over a million copies of her own tips booklet “110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life,” in 4 languages and various formats all without spending a penny on advertising. She has clients, worldwide, who have met and surpassed her results. Contact her at or phone +1-858-481-0890 (Pacific Time Zone).