Looking for a Great Auto Responder?

Aweber is an awesome auto responder that is low cost and gets the job done! What is an autoresponder you ask? Well, an autoresponder is the mail that comes back to you after you purchase a product, when you subscribe to something or when you are taking an online course.

It is a powerful way to communicate with clients or anyone you have a business relationship online. Let me give you an example. Ray is giving away a tips booklet on collage making on hornerartworkshop site.

Now, once you sign on a letter is sent to you thanking you for subscribing to the newsletter. Well, he can stay in touch with you by sending other letters to you with updates.This system also gives you scripts that will capture information from your client.

So give them a trial run. They are also really good as an affiliate for those of you who want to place the links on a relevant site. Their payout is excellent!

AWeber Demo

Less Work – More Sales

Sound good? AWeber’s unlimited follow up autoresponders increase sales, lower costs,
build lasting customer relationships, and increase your profits!

Find out how with Unlimited Autoresponders.

Going Beyond Google, MSN and Yahoo-Part 5

Lexxe is a powerful easy to use search engine that you can submit your url. Not only that but it uses something called natural language processing technology.

They have a search service for 9 major English speaking countries and regions, where English is a main spoken or media language in everyday life. Users can search within the websites the countries. They  apologize that the United States is left out in the country search. It is because most American websites do not carry country code in their URLs.

When you do your search choose a country you want to narrow your search on by clicking on the national flag image.

You can also go deep in searches  on the news. There are other good things here that will make your search engine experience easy and fun.

Oh, and about submitting your urls, well I submitted 7 without a hitch!

Join the Membership Site of Blogging 4 Boomers

Blogging4Boomers has a great membership site and a powerful teleseminar series. I am listening to them and learning so much from the blogging genius that contribute to and run the site.

It is also a great example of domain name variation. Follow the example of Blogging 4 Boomers. When they are on a teleseminar they are careful to spell out the name. You should do the same thing if you are interviewed or discuss your domain name with someone.

Fellow bloggers it is a big blog world out there and we can all continue to contribute to it in a positive difference making way as baby boomers!

Ray and Rosie