7 Ways To Put the “B” Back in Your Blogging-Part 7

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You can put the ” B” back into your blogging by turning your blog posts into articles. Ok, what do I mean. Well, suppose you posted a rant about health  care.  The rant may only be three paragraphs.  But since your entire blog may be on health care advocacy you can create an article focused on ways to advocate for the prevention of a disease, etc.

The article could outline steps for doing an  advocacy campaign in your community. It could also have a link in the resource box sending folks back to your blog. In addition, if you have an ebook or any opt-in on your site the more traffic that comes the more you may get folks to make some kind of action.

Of course there are loads of article directories you can submit the article for publishing. A few of my favorites are Ezinearticles, Search Warp and Articles for Boomers. Put your article in all of them.

So, in this final segment of this series, I encourage you to find ways to keep the “B” in your blogging.

Blogging for Busy Boomers Pt.1

I am hearing a lot of baby boomers talk about how they are much too busy to blog or do any kind of social networking.  So, I am going to start sharing ways to make things livable on the internet.

I just signed up for TweetLater.

Now, many of you super savvy boomers have been telling me about it in your teleseminars, ebooks, etc, but I finally made the plunge. Let me tell you what I did so far:

Set up all my twitter accounts and included an auto follow message for all twitter followers. Now, I have not been a fan of auto messages. But if you make the message something that you would not mind getting it is cool. Iguess it is better to have some kind of message than forgetting to acknowledge that the person followed you at all.

I can also do a lot more , like schedule my tweets. Yes, that was my main purpose for joining. Sometimes you need to tweet  a blog post at different times of the day and you just may not feel like getting up at 3:00 just so you can get a tweet out to folks across the world. Well Tweetlater can do that and much more.

So, my fellow boomers, would you like to share more if you are aleady on Tweetlater?

7 Ways To Put The “B” Back In Your Blogging-Part 6

This entry is part [part not set] of 7 in the series 7 Ways to Put the B Back in Blogging

Be An Encourager

Remember how it felt when someone made a comment to your blog? Of course they may not have agreed with you but they still took the time to comment and it wasn’t spam.

Well you can be a blogger that encourages another blogger by taking the time to make a comment. How can you do that?

  • Read the blog post and give a relevant comment
  • Try not to sound like a spammer by saying thinks like “nice blog” or “go to http…to increase traffic to your blog…”
  • Be honest and affirming
  • If you disagree don’t cuss, fuss or make a mess of your own character
  • Ask a question or provide additional information that can stimulate a continuing discussion with other bloggers.

Do you have other suggestions?

Need Some Money? Maybe You Can Sell Your Domains

I decided to sell some of the domain names I have purchased but not using. Why? Because just like holding on to an old “something” you may not use it but someone else might find it valuable. I checked just 20 minutes ago and saw some of the domain names up for sale.

One of the domain names, neptune.com had six (6) bids and currently at USD 9,900. I want to check and see what it finally sells for. Just think, you might have a domain  name you purchased that is old to you but can be new to someone else. That person may be ready to launch a business and need your name.

So, join me as I pull out some old domains, shake out the dust, and make them available for sale.

RSS Review

My dear hubby set me up on Netvibes. Ok, allow me to stop right now and tell you that this is a wonderful tool for organizing your EVERYTHING (except passwords) online via RSS feeds. That means you can work your Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc all from one interface. Thanks Ray Horner!
But that made me go deep into the archives of this site and start pulling out posts on RSS.

Now please know that I already knew about Netvibes but had not taken the time to reduce my time by setting it up. Has that ever happened to you?

So allow me to go down memory lane and share with you an interview with one of the most dynamic Blogging Divas I know, Cathy Perkins.

Sell Your Blog? Just the Preparation Can Motivate You To Blog More

Have you ever thought about selling one of your blogs? Well if you have been thinking about selling your gold then you probably considered selling a blog. Both are very valuable.

So, I decided to share some information that I am learning in my own research.  That’s right I am thinking about selling one of my blogs in the future. Yet, the posts below are helpful.

Think about preparing your house for sale. It is not an overnight job.  This is also true about your blog sale.  We need to assess it, prepare it and learn about the sales process. But an interesting thing happens when you about to sell your house. You clean it up and fix it up! Sometimes when you are finished you decide to stay? Well, I suspect when I get ready to sell one of my blogs, it will get cleaned up and fine tuned.

I have also included a book that is sold on Amazon about flipping your blog for cash. The title sounds a bit crude but you get the point.

Now one important note.  If you are on a hosted blog platform like Blogger, Live Journal, Yahoo 360 or WordPress.com YOU CANNOT SELL YOUR SITE. You need to transfer it and self-host it. After all how can we sell that we do not own? Yet, I train folks on the hosted sites to get their feet wet in blogging. But I encourage them to plan to self host those sites in the future.

Here are a few articles to get you thinking. I would love to hear from anyone who has sold their blogs.

Lorelle shares powerful insights on the things can make a blog sell. Why not start working on these things now?

Matthew Henrickson gets into some important details about preparing your blog behind the scenes to sell to your future buyer

Remarkablogger shares some basic guidelines in a short video. Be sure to read the comments also.

Here is the only book I found, so far, on Amazon about selling blogs. I am sure there are others. I have not read this one yet so I cannot give you a review.

Migrate Your Blogger Blog to WordPress.com(Hosted)

You can easily migrate your Blogger blog to the hosted WordPress.com. Now, note I did not say WordPress.org. WordPress.org must be self-hosted. That means you pay for monthly hosting.
Whereas, WordPress.com is hosted and you do not pay WordPress.com for hosting the site.
I always refer to WordPress.com as the homeless shelter. It is great for starting your sitess and getting a good feel for blogging. But at some point you will, hopefully, move to an apartment or a house. Thet would be WordPress.org.
But WordPress.com , like Blogger.com will give you instant internet presence. I am thankful for how that has helped me and others.