Google Page Rank, Alexa and Textlink Ads Communication Error

Recently I sent an email to a fellow boomer blogger and raved about their Google Page Rank, Alexa rank and suggested using Textlink Ads. I got an email back saying thanks but it was all gooogly gook.

Shame  on me, Ms. Communication Expert, Trainer, Presentation skills expert and baby boomer to do something so stupid.

So,  to all my readers I now ask for your forgiveness when I have just threw out terms without defining them.

So, I would like to begin by defining the terms Google Page Rank, Alexa Rank and TextLink Ads. I promise to make this painless.

Google Page Rank:

Google gives a numeric value from 0-10 for each webpage on the Internet. This rank tells you how important Google thinks your site is to them. This numeric value is complicated and you math genius should explore this in more depth.
Now, I have downloaded a free page rank tool and placed it on my tool bar. Hence, whenever I am at a site I can see what rank it has according to Google. If you want to place one on your tool bar you can by just putting the term “Google Page Rank Toolbar” into ____(You are correct, place it into Google.)
If you don’t want to put the tool bar on your site there are sites that will allow you to key in the url and get the page rank for any site.

Alexa Rank

 According to Wikipedia, Alexa ranks sites based on tracking information of users of its Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer and from integrated sidebars in Mozilla and Netscape.

They went through a complete overhaul in March of this year(2009) and added some really cool features. For example,  you can go do a review of a site and then post it directly on your Facebook page.  Go give it a try while you see what rank they have given your site.

With Alexa you want the lowest rank you can get. But, note that they have big time competitors. There are other companies that rank your site also like  Adgooroo-really great if your are a search marketer doing serious affiliate marketing, plus more. and key in  at least 2 other sites to compare with your competition.

 ComScore-Another awesome site for serious search marketers plus more

 Hitwise-All I can say is take the tour!

 Netcraft-Ok I confess I enjoyed keying in sites to see what host they were using. But there is a great about of information on this site and tools you can use.

You can start by visiting each site and learning from their blogs.

Finally, there is Textlinkads. I have their ads on two of my blogs and make money from them. That makes me one of their publishers.

Who are they? Well this is from their About page.

Located in New York City, Text Link Ads is the premier targeted traffic and link popularity ad firm. We specialize in placing static html links on high quality, high traffic web properties. Our clients have seen a dramatic increase in targeted traffic, brand exposure, and organic search engine rankings with our service. We currently work with a wide range of clients from Fortune 500 firms to individual website owners.

I have had a good working relationship with them and they make their payouts to my PayPal account every month.

You can click on the graphic below if you want to get started for yourself.  Was this clear, what did I miss?

Baby Boomer Blogger Debra Takes Down a Plagiarist!

Baby boomer blogger Debra Shiveley Welch takes down a plagiarist with brains and boldness and  a battle breastplate.

She is my guest blogger today.

Fight back with the same tools and attitude if someone messes with your writings.

Read about Debra’s great battle with plagiarism that you can do too!

Ready to Blog for Bucks ?

Courtesy of The US Mint Store

Courtesy of The US Mint Store

Baby Boomers appreciate good learning just like a coin collector appreciates great coins. With that in mind I wanted to tell you that I just signed up for an upcoming session on making money with your blogging. Now the Instructor, The WordPress Wizard, Cathy Perkins, is simply excellent. But I cannot believe she is sharing  a session like this for only $25.00.

If you notice  I have a picture of a coin collection from the US mint. Why? Because just like coins you purchase can go up in value the training you get from Cathy is worthy of a collection.

But just because the price is low does not mean the value will not be high! You  will get great value and information. I know and have experienced her training.

But, trust me, you will learn a lot. So, go and sign up for this Thursday session on making money with your blog and we can learn together.

A Swipe File for Blog Post Ideas?

The term”swipe file”  is often used related  to copywriting and advertising. (At least that is my knowledge of it probably more uses I don’t know about) It is when you see an idea, for example a great design and copy for an ad, you cut it out and file it.

You then refer to that file when you are looking for ideas to create your own design or copy. The idea is nothing is really new these days. The ideas stimulate your own  brain cells into action and you may borrow the colors or wording and add your own special touch.

When it comes to blogging you might see a post  like, “7 Ways To Pump Up Your Blogging” . Now, clearly this is a motivational post so you might say “I’ve got it, I will do a post called, “7 Ways to Put the ” B” Back into Your Blogging.”

Ok, that does it for the introduction, I want to share with you a really great post on using swipe files by signing up to a Google RSS reader.

Please enjoy and not only post a comment on this bloggers site but drop one here also. Remember, the more comments, the more links back to your site.

When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Links And Opt-ins?

When was the last time you checked your links and opt-in boxes on your blogs. Do they still work?

This evening I was chatting with a friend and sent her to, what I thought, was a working opt-in box. Well, it worked but took us to the wrong THANK YOU PAGE  for the wrong free item. BOOMER ME.

I wanted to fire the secretary but realized that I was the secretary who made the mistake. Well, I am glad it happened. It was a reminder to go back and check the links and all your opt-ins to make sure they are working.

It is worth the time.  What do you think?

Do You Mean To Say That Your Personal Info is Sold Online? How Do You Get Rid of it?

I remember the year that I was scheduled to have a rather invasive,yet common surgical procedure. So, in my search for information I joined a group of women who already had the surgery or were preparing for the procedure.

This online group requested your date of surgery, name etc. The networking was great and information was rich. It was all women who had “been there and done that,”

Well, I must say I was surprised two years later when I Googled my name and my membership in this organization surfaced. Oh, my, It is a good thing that I have even done presentations and shared the fact that I had this surgery. But suppose I had not? Suppose I was a very private person?

I know you are probably saying well, I should not have joined an online support group. That’s true but this was way before my blogging days. I just did not know any better.

The memory of this entire episode of discovery all came back to me when I read a note  from Beverly Mahone, founder of Boomer Diva Nation. She informed us that a cousin of hers had written a post on how to get rid of  your personal information on online databases.

Well, this is one of the best posts I have read on the subject. It is a well written jaw dropping piece of work. You can tell that the two of them are related, Beverly is a Journalist and her cousin has a background in Stock Trading and Online Investigations.

Read and take action on this powerful piece of work regarding online privacy and what YOU CAN DO!

James Brown Blogging-Which Song Would Your’s Be?

Which song is like your blogging style

Which song is like your blogging style

If you had to pick a song done by James Brown which would reflect your blogging style?

I had a deep reflection on this (about 3 seconds) and determined that mine would be “Get on the Good Foot”.

I broke my leg once and that song motivated me to lean my dance with my cast on while holding on  to a pole in the room. Is that pole dancing? Well, sometimes my blogging gets broken but I need to keep encouraged to work anyway. Now, that is the boomer way, right?

What about you?

Have a Complaint About a Blog?

Yes, you can make a complaint  about a blog. Ok, look very carefully at my wording. I said WordPress.COM blog not WordPress.ORG.

A blog is hosted by WordPress. Whereas, the is self-hosted. That means you purchase the hosting space for it to live. Which means if you are on a hosted site with you site can COME DOWN when they find that it is against the terms and agreements. YOU HAVE NO CONTROL.

Now, it is important if you are using a WordPress.COM site that you know the kinds of things that qualify as a compliant. It is also important if you see a site that you may have issues with.For example, I have found some of my articles posted on splogs. Those are fake blogs, usually reusing content from other sources, used to generate link spam Many have  incorporated my articles into spam material. Most of the time the site does not make sense. It may also be high on the porn end. is an excellent platform and I start almost everyone I coach with a site to get used to basic blogging. But never encourage them to stay there if they are promoting a business. Instead, I encourage them to transfer to self-hosted  so they have more search engine juice and steriod like functionalities via plugins etc.

So, you can view the policy on complaints from It is an eye-opener.

More Blogging Tips From Blogging Betty Boomer-Part 2

This entry is part [part not set] of 2 in the series Blogging Tips From Blogging Betty Boomer

It has been a while but here is an audio note from Blogging Betty Boomer. Now audio notes are really cool. Once you click on this link a web page will open and her voice, recorded in the wee hours of boomer time, will be blasting. She does not sing or dance in this one, sorry.

Enjoy this audio note with tips from Blogging Betty Boomer.