What Type of Membership Site Should You Create?-Video

Are you thinking about creating a membership site but unsure of the type you want?

Well, I am struggling with this same issue. I have some ideas , have the software but still fine tuning the types of sites I will create. It is also a bit scary but so was blogging.

So, if you are struggling with the type of membership site you want to create check out this video.

When You Upgrade Your Blog Post to it

I just upgraded a blog that we had not posted on for a while. Guess what?  It motivated us to create a post on that site. Not only a post but started an entire series.

The blog we just posted to is called Fun in the Word. It is has a Christian focus and will often feature guest bloggers. Of course if that is not your cup of tea just skip this paragraph but please read the next paragraph.

So, just wanted to pass on this little blogging motivational tip. Look at your blogs and upgrade them if needed. But while you are doing this little chore find some blog food and post on it.

Of course if you are on a blogging platform that is hosted and not self-hosted the upgrade will be done automatically. But still look for those blogs that you have not posted on in several weeks and create a post.

Will you consider doing this?

HTBB-Will You Volunteer for This Group?

HTBB, you may recall from an earlier post this week, is a group I named called Help This Blogging Boomer. I am challenging my self and others to restore life to those neglected blogs.

So, I said I would start by identifying the blogs I have neglected. So, I am going to talk briefly about one of them. The site I am choosing to perk up is Crumbsnatcher.

This is a site that features the character, Crumbsnather(aka Mighty Care) from the storybook DVD, Crumbsnatcher Gets a New Name. I have neglected this site.

So, my next step is to RECALL why I created the site.

The site was created with my husband, artist Ray Horner, to gather comments and share updates about this special bird. You see, we had fun doing this storybook. I created the story and my husband created the pictures.

A very dear friend of ours, Kevin Thompson, is the voice of Crumbsnatcher.  Now, believe it or not, just sharing this with you is perking me up to post something. But what will it be? Will Crumbsnatcher offer some insights on diversity? Will he reflect on how he got his name?

So the next step should be, how do you decide on what to post on a site you have neglected? What help can you give to blogging boomers who have neglected their sites.

Have you identified a site that needs help?

Is There a DYFS for Neglected Blogs? Say Hello to HTBB

Is there a DYFS organization for neglected blogs? DYFS stands for Division of Youth and Family Services.  The provide intervention for children that are neglected plus more.

So, my idea is to create a group that will help neglected blogs.  So, the name I came up with so far is HTBB. Which means, Help This Blogging Boomer.

Now, I am going to be completely honest with you.  Someone should call HTBB on me right now. I mean if my neighbors knew they could call this group for intervention because I have neglected some of my blogs.

The question is should HTTB put them under someone elses care for a while? Should I get help to maintain, sustain and entertain them?  Frankly, I know I am not alone so I am on a mission.

Since I am the founder of HTTB I am seeking volunteers to help me help other baby boomer bloggers. How?

First we will start with ourselves.

Task #1

Look at all your blogs and note the last time you created a post.  Be bold and post the answer, with the name of the blogs, as a comment. Ok, here is transparency, I promise to tell you, as part of my own therapy, before the end of the week.

Are you up for the challenge?

Do You Know the Difference Between a Facebook Page and Group?

This is a clear, concise and easy to understand blog post on the difference between Facebook pages and Facebook Groups.

I think because it is a table format it makes it easier to glean the information. I love tables and you can add tables to your blog with the right plug-in or if you know code stuff you can put one into your blog post.

But that is another post discussion. Here is the great post that shows the differences between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group.

What Does A Good Blog Post Look Like?-John Hayden

This entry is part [part not set] of 2 in the series What does a good blog post look like?

In part two of this series I want to feature a blog post I saw by John Hayden. The post is titled; How Facebook turns active users into community managers – without paying a dime (video)

The following points, in my opinion, make this a good post:

  • An engaging picture that draws you into the post
  • An engaging title that clearly tells you what the post is all about
  • The inclusion of the word VIDEO. When this title is seen in the search results some may select this post if they are more  visual learners.
  • A good pre-video narrative that explains what you are going to view in the video
  • A well done and SHORT video that leaves you with memorable bit-sized content that is easy to chew
  • Good font size
  • Header (2) size sub-headings which increases the ease of reading
  • Excellent action steps after the video

Now that is this baby boomer’s opinion, what do you think?

What do you think?