BLOG WORKOUT-Four Blog Search Engines I Dare You To Add to Your Blog Exercise Plan

Are you still doing your blogging exercises? Well here are four (4) search engines I challenge you to add to your blogging bold workout. In addition, you can submit your own blog to some of them.

Blogdigger is a search engine for RSS and blogs. Blogdigger uses state of the art syndication technologies, such as RSS and Atom, to index blog content and make it available for search. Blogdigger searches thousands of RSS and Atom feeds, and is built-in to many popular News Aggregators, such as FeedDemon and NetNewsWire.

BlogPulse is an automated trend discovery system for blogs. BlogPulse applies machine-learning and natural-language processing techniques to discover trends in the highly dynamic world of blogs.
IceRocket is an Internet search engine which specializes in real-time search. Based in Dallas, Texas, it launched in 2004 hoping to market itself solely through word of mouth.

Technorati Has a Directory of the top 100 as ranked by Technorati Authority.
The Top 100 is updated once per day.

STOP! Visit WordPress Tutorials for Baby Boomers to Learn, Learn, Learn

One of my good friends Heidi Caswell has an awesome blog called WordPress 101 for Baby Boomers. Now, I am not going tie up your time talking about it. I want you to visit and soak up some of these powerful video tutorials.

My eye is on the tutorial on What to do if Your Site gets hacked. Why? Because I have had a few sites hacked and you feel so violated. Uggh.

So, trot on over and learn, learn, learn.

Of course, I plan to post more from this site that is so good it should be illegal. Ha

When is the membership site coming Heidi?

What Do Baby Boomer Bloggers Blog About?

What do baby boomer bloggers blog about? This is not a trick question. After reading many baby boomer bloggers I have concluded that they blog about most of the things everyone blogs about. They blog about:

  • Entertainment
  • Politics
  • Health
  • Conspiracy theories
  • Food
  • Sex
  • Relationships
  • Children
  • Grandchildren
  • Caregiving
  • Finances
  • Pensions
  • Technology
  • Social media

Ok, perhaps many of those below the age of 50 are not blogging about pensions and their care giving may be with children and not parents. Yet, the general topic areas are the same. What makes the difference, in my opinion, is the expertise and experience that baby boomers bring to the table.

What do you think?