A New Way to Promote Your Facebook Page

I found a really cool way to promote my Facebook page with a short link. No, I am not talking about Tinyurl, or Snipurl. Whereas both of them are excellent for shortening that long Facebook page url, I am using a WordPress plugin that keeps the name of my site in the url but sends you to my Facebook page.

See here is the link to my Facebook page on Blog Coaching for Baby Boomers  http://www.bloggingforboomers.com/5h6

Now I place this in my Twitter tweet and it works wonders.

So, If you want to know how I did it, which is really simple. I am holding a short teleseminar session for fans of my Facebook page. All you have to do is become a fan. The session will only be 10 minutes on June 9 at 9:00 pm (EST). I will broadcast the conference line number to all the fans on tomorrow during the day on June 9, 2009. And don’t worry if you can’t be on the call the link to the mp3 will be, you already know, on the Facebook page.

I must give Kudos to Cathy, The WordPress Wizard for telling us about this during one of her FREE teleseminars one Wednesday.

PS Please note that you can change the link. For example I can change the link to say http://www.bloggingforboomers.com/facebookpage.  And to show you that it is true I am changing it as soon as I finish the teleseminar. But since I already broadcasted the prior link use this link to connect and click on JOIN THIS FAN PAGE.  So use this link


2 thoughts on “A New Way to Promote Your Facebook Page

  1. No, because you need to be able to use a plug-in called “Pretty Links”. I posted the teleseminar on the Blog Coaching for Baby Boomers facebook page. So,when you switch it will be there.

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