Ray and I are baby boomers. We started blogging to get a quick internet presence without learning Dreamweaver. For those who are wondering, Dreamweaver is software used to create websites. However, we are still learning it and have a long way to go before we catch up with our webmaster.

I am a professional speaker with expertise in presentation skills training and coaching. I am also trained as a Community Health Educator, keynote speaker and training specialist.

Ray is a fine artist, instructor, carpenter and all around great guy. He is also an excellent trainer and illustrator. He is also taking guitar lessons and has started a blog , http://www.midlifeguitar.com.

We celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary last Feb., 2008. Blogging is keeping us young , believe it our not. And it is great for our marriage because it is something that captures our interests, hobbies and showcases our expertise.

We are just getting started and now helping other beginning bloggers to learn the fine art of blogging.

Boomers can Blog. If you are 45 years and above this site is for you!. Sure your grandchildren are doing it but why let them have all the fun.
Remember the Beatles song “I Want To Hold Your Hand”? Let us hold your hand with all the good stuff on this boomer blog.
So from one Boomer to another-Celebrate good times-come on! It’s a blogging celebration.

Ray and Rosie Horner

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  2. Hey, your site looks really good. I will book mark and come back to read. We have similar ideas I think. All the best to you folks.

  3. Hello! I am enjoying reading your blog. I myself started blogging several years ago, but it was more of an online journal, just to share thoughts with myself, because I was really my only reader, LOL. I was selected as a contributor to a Moms Blog network and that got me into blogging more seriously (and forced me to learn how to use WordPress, which I previously was scared to try). After conquering WordPress, I decided to start ANOTHER blog, this one focused on the challenges of cooking for Type 2 Diabetes, sharing recipes, strategies, etc. My point is that we boomers are at a great stage of life, where we may finally be feeling less responsibility for children and have the urge to create/build something of value to others, and if possible, to create an online business. I have enjoyed so much the creative side of building my blog, but especially, blogging has given me the opportunity/impetus to gain confidence and knowledge about the tech side of things. I look forward to exploring your blog more as time allows!

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