Are Your Permalinks Still Naked?

Have you put cloths on your permalinks since the last discussion about them? Well, just in case you didn’t here is the link to the post I am talking about.

Now, normally I hide this link behind words in the post. For example, I may say read the post about permalinks and highlight the word permalinks or the phrase, “read this post about permalinks.”

I just decided to repost it because I visited a really great site and the links still have page numbers in it. I just want everyone to have their posts really do all it is supposed to do for the reader. I am learning more about that and just want to pass it on.

Here is another linkĀ  for you to visit directly from the WordPress Codex.

Sometimes the more you read about a topic, written in different ways, the more you understand it. If you would like me to do a short video or teleseminar just let me know.

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