Article Directory Teleseminar Interview With Cathy Perkins

As an added bonus to readers of this blog I am providing the full length teleseminar interview with Cathy Perkins on Article Directories. What does this have to do with blogging or boomers you ask? Well this is such a powerful addition to blogging that it actually blows my mind. An article directory gives you the opportunity to turn your posts into articles and put them on your own article directory.

Now I don’t want to tell all here just listen to the audio. We are also providing the opportunity to get a CD of the teleseminar if you wish. Just go to CD and you can purchase one with FREE SHIPPING. This is helpful if you want to play it in the car. Plus the CD has my picture on it.(Smile)

In addition we are sending a copy FREE copy of the Blogging Crash Course E-book for anyone who purchases a CD.

We are offering the podcast here at no charge for all of our readers. Of course you can download and burn a copy on a cd yourself but we just wanted to give you options.

PS Don’t forget to go back to the category Podcast and listen to kevin’s interview on blogcatalog and Cathy again on RSS!

Old School Crew

PPS Just started an article directory that is now live called articles for boomers. So hurry and post some articles there and watch the traffic grow to your sites.

2 thoughts on “Article Directory Teleseminar Interview With Cathy Perkins

  1. Thanks for a very interesting post/podcast. I know from personal experience that article marketing (using directories) definitely should be a part of any online marketing mix. For bloggers it is certainly an absolute must.

    If I may, I’d like to give you all a tip on an article directory (yes, it’s mine) that adds a few twists to the wellknown theme:

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