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WHY SUBMIT ARTICLES  TO Articles For Boomers

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Some of you reading this are baby boomers or writing for baby boomers. When you promote your well researched and expert articles they will provide invaluable information that will be sought after by newsletter publishers, magazines, ezines, webmasters and bloggers.

Webmasters, bloggers  and publication editors have an insatiable appetite for  “niched” articles that are relevant to their web sites or publications topics. So it is a win-win situation. You get published with links back to your sites and they get more content and better placement in the search engines.

Let me repeat something that you may have missed. “When you publish articles you provide more links back to your sites. How do the search engines know about your sites? They know because you are placing your links into something called a resource box. This is where you really do what I call “Strut Your Stuff.”

In the resource box you can put your short bio with your links or special offers. It sounds something like this

“Sue Jones, Copyright, 2007, reprint rights granted, go to for special ebook on…” “Sue is an expert on…”

Articles for Boomers is a great niche. That means that anyone who is looking for great content related to baby boomers can find your article. When you post your article here you are putting it into a directory. It will be categorized and archived so editors and publishers can find them. THIS IS A FREE DIRECTORY. We provide a submission system and your article will be online and available for anyone to read or download at any time any place in the world!

Because the search engines love article directories. This directory will provide the engines a steady flow of meaningful content and they are spidered aggressively by all major search engines. Editors also find directories particularly useful when researching articles for publication in their ezines, print newsletters, magazines, etc… and rely on directories as their prime-source for materials. The very best article directories also provide RSS feeds for all their article categories. This allows editors to keep up-to-date on new articles that become available in their primary interest areas.  You will be amazed at the number and variety of article directory sites available. You will generally get the best quality traffic flow from article directories that are “niched” to a specific genre of articles. For example, Articles for Boomers specializes in publishing high quality articles in the baby boomer arena about and created by baby boomers. This makes it simple and easy for editors, looking for articles in that niche, to access the best content quickly.

So if you have something to say that boomers can benefit from please submit an article. Or if you are a boomer with something to share that can help someone else share that expertise today!

Oh, did I say that you can really PROMOTE YOUR BLOG by putting your link to your site in the resource box of your article template. If you do not believe me submit an article then check your blog stats with your host ( If your host has a statistical package). You will see links coming from the directory and other places that have picked up your article.

And guess what, do not stop with articles for boomers but go to other ezine directories out there in the world wide web. I often use, and just to name a few.

But if you submit to articles for boomers in the next 30 days you will get real fast response.

Please do not be angry if porn and other funky stuff is rejected. That is for another site.

Take care

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