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Blogging Betty Boomer Has Decided to Write a Tips Booklet

If you recall the post of the cartoon of Blogging Betty Boomer, you will note that she is looking at her computer. She just finished reading the article by Paulette and has decided that she had a lot of stuff that would make great material for a tips booklet.

How will she do it?

She […]

Baby Boomers and Booklets-Share and Share Alike-By Paulette Ensign

Below is a wonderful article written by Paulette Ensign who is a boomer and expert in creating tips booklets. Enjoy and think about the powerful ideas she was kind enough to share on this blog.


By Paulette Ensign

As one of those fabulous Baby […]

Why Did You Create Blogging Betty Boomer?

Listen to Ray’s answer.

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Blogging Betty Bloomer-Cartoon by Ray Horner


Many folks are blogging and may not even think about the fact that they are boomers. The great thing about blogging is that you can be so intent on your messages that you have little room in your mind to think about the negative folks who may say that a […]

Dear Blogging Boomer

If you are a boomer visiting our site please also include a tip or two for beginning bloggers that will help them in this blogging adventure. Thanks

Boomer roll call

I am finding that it is a big boomer blogging world out there. So if you are reading this and you are a blogging boomer please let us know. Tell us your site and what it is about. Also please tell others why you are blogging. I am convinced this will help newer bloggers as […]

Boomer-Are You Ready To Blog?-7 Things You Should Do Before You Start-Part 4

Before you start blogging decide on WHY YOU ARE BLOGGING! What is your objective? There are so many reasons why people blog. Some of them I have run across are listed below.

To be seen as an expert in their niche by current and potential customers. To systematically write a book with a series of […]

Boomer-Locate a Consultant to Assess Your Workstation

I located a directory of ergonomic consultant. If you visit this link you will be able to specify a location and find a consultant that will come to your home office. I plan to find someone to come to my office for an evaluation of my workstation. You can also call a local college or […]

Blogging-Pain in the Neck?

No, I am not just talking about the frustrations you can get trying to figure stuff out. But I am talking about the money and time spent with massages and physical therapists working on my NECK. I found that I can prevent so much my self.

A yoga class has increased my awareness about tuning […]