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Dear Blogging Boomer

If you are a boomer visiting our site please also include a tip or two for beginning bloggers that will help them in this blogging adventure. Thanks

Boomer roll call

I am finding that it is a big boomer blogging world out there. So if you are reading this and you are a blogging boomer please let us know. Tell us your site and what it is about. Also please tell others why you are blogging. I am convinced this will help newer bloggers as […]

Boomer-Are You Ready To Blog?-7 Things You Should Do Before You Start-Part 4

Before you start blogging decide on WHY YOU ARE BLOGGING! What is your objective? There are so many reasons why people blog. Some of them I have run across are listed below.

To be seen as an expert in their niche by current and potential customers. To systematically write a book with a series of […]

Boomer-Locate a Consultant to Assess Your Workstation

I located a directory of ergonomic consultant. If you visit this link you will be able to specify a location and find a consultant that will come to your home office. I plan to find someone to come to my office for an evaluation of my workstation. You can also call a local college or […]

Blogging-Pain in the Neck?

No, I am not just talking about the frustrations you can get trying to figure stuff out. But I am talking about the money and time spent with massages and physical therapists working on my NECK. I found that I can prevent so much my self.

A yoga class has increased my awareness about tuning […]

Blogging Health

Sitting for long hours can take it’s toll on our bodies.Right now Hubby’s shoulder is hurting. I went through the same thing several months ago. I am blaming the mouse. Well, not directly but it was the wrongful posture and position of my computer keyboard and screen.

Also neck pain was enhanced because of poor […]

Boomers-Protect Yourself Online-Part 3

It does not matter how safe some of the blogging software may be many boomers are still wary of doing anything on the internet. A recent article in Consumer Reports for September, 2007 shared 19 ways to stay safe online.

I am going to share seven(7) of those points with you.

Boomer Friendly Online Success-Learn From One of the Best!

If you want so real cutting edge, in your face and s implied stuff on online marketing please go visit Dr. Jeanette Cate’s course.

Ray and I took her class and here you have a boomer teaching boomers and everyone understood. (Smile) We installed our first wordpress blog and learned super internet marketing strategies. She […]

What is an Index Page

You will hear and see this term a lot. The index page is the home page of your blog. It is the page that contains the most recent entry at the top of the page.

So from this day forward never ever be intimidated if someone asks you “What was the last post on your […]

Boomers Can “Fight with Thier Fisks”

There is a blogging term called fisk. It’s a strange term that is named after a British Journalist named Robert Fisk. Now hold on everyone to this Wikipedia.org definition you are going to just love it.

***Fisk’s reporting and commentary style has made him the object of criticism, to the extent that some bloggers have […]