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  • Boomers-Protect Yourself Online-Part 2

    Just in case you did not see this comment I decided to repeat it as a post. I am hoping to get more stuff from experts like the Digital Defender. So security experts if you are out there, and I know you are, please send me articles to post with clear language us boomers can […]

  • More blogging fun to come

  • Help me somebody, please help me

  • Technorati-Powerful RSS Directory-What’s That?

    I just signed up for Technorati. That is one of the most powerful RSS directories in the blogging world. Now, let me pause for a moment. What is RSS some of you are asking. RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication. The word simple may be in it but still does not sound simple. Well maybe […]

  • Blogging is more than a chance to rant

    It is amazing how many Baby Boomers feel that blogging is a total self serving waste of time. Many have not looked twice at it because negative connections to chat rooms or political rants. Yet, even those have their place and readership with many people. Note that when you blog you have entered into the BLOGOSPHERE. […]

  • What Can You Blog About?

    You can blog about anything! For many people their purpose in life is to blog.(smile) Seriously, people blog about life, politics, religion, entertainment, gossip, art, and the list goes on. For example,if you create a news site it will be content about the lasted news stories.   The magic word here is CONTENT. The content […]

  • Blogs vs Websites

    Before I begin I want to state that in my opinion they are both websites. They both have an online presence. A blog  or weblog is really a type of website. Many people are even considering using a well-formatted blog as their brochure website. If you have the right template or theme, you can actually […]

  • Boomers-Protect Yourself Online-Pt.1

    It is true there are some real sneaky scams online. It is the fear many of us as Boomers have when it comes to the internet. Nevertheless, we can protect ourselves. This month’s issue of Consumer Reports gave a great overview of some common swindles and some prevention tips. I will share part of them […]

  • What is a Blog?

    We thought this first post should tell you what a blog means. We never knew until we asked. So here is a quick and simple definition. Wikipedia is a great online encyclopedia. Now we know some folks may not like some of the postings which are all done by volunteers. But we think they are […]