How Betty Lynch Gave Birth To Her First Blog

Have you ever thought, “I’m in way over my head?” I knew I had to have a website for my business. I thought to myself, how hard can this be? Surely I can build a website. I tried several different places to build a website for My Country Kitchen. I worked for hours upon hours and still something would be wrong. I purchased book after book trying to learn how to build my website. Every day, I would check my website stats and I had very little traffic getting to my website.

Then I learned of this foreign term called SEO, and that I needed my website to be optimized so the search engines could find me. I studied and studied, and took an online class from one of the great SEO teachers on the web. I was so lost! I just could not comprehend what this SEO was all about.

I hired someone to work on my website to increase my rankings with the search engines. That cost a lot of money, especially when I kept messing things up on the website. I was starting to hear a lot about blogging, so I started a blog at, and linked it back to my website. I worked hours setting up my blog, adding content and ads, only to be told by to remove my ads or they would delete my blog. I was so frustrated!

Then I noticed that my blog was getting a ton of traffic, and my website was just sitting there. I asked my web designer about turning my website into a blog.  This self-hosted platform would allow me to place ads on the site. She said that was the trend.

She suggested that I change my static website into a blog. I knew I had problems with my blog, but I usually could figure it out in the end.  So I took the plunge and had my static website converted into a blog. I’m so grateful that I made this decision. My search engine stats are up, I can add recipes, ads, articles, whatever I want to add to my own blog. My costs are down because my web designer does the maintenance stuff, and I get to blog my heart out.

Betty Lynch, author of Back to the Table with My Country Kitchen, and owner of My Country Kitchen, Easy Answers to Bring Your Family Together. My Country Kitchen prides itself in helping family’s cook easy, convenient meals so that the family can save money in today’s economy. Recipes, tips and ideas for easy and nutritious meals are only a click away. You may visit her website  My Country Kitchen; Email at:

Betty Lynch
Author – “Back to the Table with My Country Kitchen”

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3 thoughts on “How Betty Lynch Gave Birth To Her First Blog

  1. I recommend this option to most of my web clients now for a few reasons:

    1. Many don’t want to be paying someone else for constant updates. This way they get to do it themselves.
    2. It’s quick and easy to install and set up – providing the client can give me the content I can usually have it up in a day or two.
    3. It’s cost effective and templates are available free by the thousands – and can be modified for a small cost.

  2. I did the same thing almost two years ago. It took awhile to learn about the re-directs but now all is well and traffic us moving in an upward direction.

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