Baby Boomer Blogger Debra Takes Down a Plagiarist!

Baby boomer blogger Debra Shiveley Welch takes down a plagiarist with brains and boldness and  a battle breastplate.

She is my guest blogger today.

Fight back with the same tools and attitude if someone messes with your writings.

Read about Debra’s great battle with plagiarism that you can do too!

4 thoughts on “Baby Boomer Blogger Debra Takes Down a Plagiarist!

  1. Rosie,

    Thanks for sharing the link to Debra’s article. I left a comment there too. Great info. Well worth the time to read and more importantly will save lots of headaches should this ever happens to anyone who reads the article.

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher
    WE magazine for Women

  2. I was so proud of Debra following this all the way until a result, we need to arm others against such low-criminal acts!

    Thanks for bringing this post back!

  3. Thanks for that info. The site where I used to write filled out the forms (for Google) to stop scraper sites (often located in Asia.) But, now that I’m doing my own site, I need to take down scraper sites on my own. Bummer. Anyway, I’ll be bookmarking your article and thanks for reminding me to look around. Sometimes, the bad guys end up with a higher Google Rank than the author. And, sometimes you can see that the scrapers have taken an article of yours that was translated into another language, then POORLY retranslated back using an online translation site. At least that type of plagiarizing is good for a laugh.

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