Baby Boomers Blog to Beat the Blahs on Thanksgiving?

Do you blog to beat the blahs on Thanksgiving? I asked my baby boomer hubby Ray, “Why do you think folks blog on Thanksgiving?” Shouldn’t they be sitting at somebody’s table eating? at first he said, “Why do they watch the football games?” After we laughed he then said, “Maybe they do it to beat the blahs.”

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a day to give thanks. Many folks share the day with family and friends. Yet, many folks are in pain either physically or mentally. We think about others no longer with us or those in the hospital or nurshing homes. We think about those who are homeless, just got bad news, or facing other major issues. How can they be thankful?

Yet, many find the strength to give thanks in the midst of their pain. Some through spiritual support and others by sharing with others. I mean the act of feeding the homeless or visiting someone who cannot sit at a thanksgiving table can take away the impact of your own situation.

Now how does blogging beat the blahs? I have often sat down and posted to a blog to share in virtual space my experience or tell a story. Somehow the act of sharing or even teaching takes your mind of so much drama. When you read other’s posts on a holiday like thanksgiving there is a strange kind of kinship.

This is especially true if no one at the table understand what you are talking about when you refer to blogging. It can be very lonely at times.

Perhaps you are lonely or bored. Or maybe someone dropped of a dinner for you to enjoy and you sit the plate to the left of the  computer and start blogging. Don’t know but I do know and believe my husband is right. Blogging can beat the blahs- if you have an internet connection and paid the bill.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Baby Boomer Bloggers. May you find many things to be thankful for this holiday.

Do you believe blogging can beat the blahs?

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