Black Hat, White Hat Which Hat Got JC Penny in Trouble With Google?

I really enjoyed reading this article about Search Engine Optimization strategies that got JC Penny at the top of the Google search for certain keywords. But what happened to make them plunge to a low placement. Was it White or Black Hat techniques?

Ok, some of you are wondering what the difference is between the two. Well, I will tell you that it has nothing at all to do with race. But everything to do with the stuff you can or or should not do that can get you in trouble with Google.

So, take a few minutes to read this really engaging blog post by the New York Times.

3 thoughts on “Black Hat, White Hat Which Hat Got JC Penny in Trouble With Google?

  1. Hi, I’m a fellow member of the baby boomer generation and popped over from another boomers site. Very interesting article! I work really hard to avoid any black hat for just this reason. And I must confess, I was quite surprised to see JC Penney’s linked to something like this. Thanks for providing this information.

  2. I think its a fair game. Techniques applied to make certain keywords like ‘baju’ or ‘belanja’, making them ‘organic’ through google search are great techniques to enhance the business.

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