Blog Platform Comparisons-Typepad vs Pt.2

So do you know anything about server side scripting??? This post contains language that may frighten some baby boomers. Even many less than 40 folks might tremble. But you want to learn let me know I am taking a class now with a fellow baby boomer who is just so bright and enjoying it. You can find out more here.


Check out the interesting perspectives from Barry Bell on this blog post on the challenging topic of WordPress vs Typepad comparisons. Read this one first. Also be sure to read the updates at the bottom. This gets a bit techy but if you know anything about CSS and server side scripting you can hang. If you don’t read it any way because it will soon start making sense. Just like staring at html code it gets clearer a bit at a time. 🙂

You can his other post it here.

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