Blog Platforms May Be Different But is The Message The Same?

When was the last time you went to Google’s blogsearch engine and just observe the varied blog platforms? Each one is different and can have more or less functionality. Yet, sometimes that does not seem to matter when you are just gleaning the impact of the message.

I just did a post looking at the 10 blogs by baby boomer women which made you feel good to be a baby boomer woman. While composing the post I realized the different blog platforms. Yet, my focus was on the category I had chosen.

For example, if the site ends in then it is a site hosted by If it is, it is hosted by

You can dissect each one for good and bad structure, etc, but the bottom line is always, to me, the MESSAGE.

So, regardless of the platform you have chosen be sure that the message is understood by your audience. Does that make sense?

3 thoughts on “Blog Platforms May Be Different But is The Message The Same?

  1. It makes great sense Rosie. And would you agree that blogging to increase subscribers or create content on our chosen topics is something to keep in mind, blogging what’s up for us, and how it can relate to or help the market, is more important?

  2. Gregory Ann You are bring up all the points I agree with. I am finding out that so much just depends on where you are in your blogging vision and strategies at the time. As well, all is based on a never to be forgotten foundation of personal values.
    I think that baby boomer bloggers blog not only from the heart with the messages they share but also from the need to grow their businesses! Personally, I attempt to do both but aware of the need for niche focus and constant reminder of WHY and WHO.

  3. It certainly makes sense, Rosie. When I write or search for baby boomer blogs, I want the information to be relevent to me and my life. It’s a connection.

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