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Blogging and Thanksgiving

As I sat at the thanksgiving table several of my relatives asked, almost at the same time, “Whats a blog?” “Why blog?” As my husband and I explained they became more interested. Later that evening I searched on google blogsearch to answer find blogs on areas of their interest.

If you go to google and enter the term blogsearch it will bring you to a wonderful link called blogsearch. This is a special google search engine in beta status (That means it is still now and they are working out the bugs.)

Blogsearch will allow you to key in any search term and enjoy seeing all the blogs in all kinds on platforms out in blog world talking about that topic. For example, my sister-in law had a specific  sims2 gaming question. Guess what, we found the answer!

So check out the site and search on your topic of choice. I also strongly suggest  observing the different blogging platforms.

Hope you had a great thanksgiving. So very much to be thankful for.


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