Blogging Betty Bloomer-Cartoon by Ray Horner



Many folks are blogging and may not even think about the fact that they are boomers. The great thing about blogging is that you can be so intent on your messages that you have little room in your mind to think about the negative folks who may say that a boomer can’t do it!

1 thought on “Blogging Betty Bloomer-Cartoon by Ray Horner

  1. I wanted to let your readers know that I was there, yes there when it all happened. I was there when Ray developed the Blogging Betty Boomer cartoon. Some people have said that Betty resembles Rosie in some way. The fact that the view Ray would have from his studio drafting table of Rosie sitting at her computer is the exact position of Betty in the cartoon is purely coincidental. The fact is Rosie was not even home when Ray drew Betty.

    Now you can make the argument that Ray is an Art Master and develops a lot of his art work from his mind. Do you think that Rosie needed to be sitting at the computer for Ray to draw her likeness? Probably not, but I do not want to sway your opinion one way or another. Besides, Rosie does not like that much ice in her glass.

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