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Blogging Betty Boomer Shares 3 Blogging Lessons

Blogging Betty Boomer stopped by to share her 3 blogging lessons/tips.

7 comments to Blogging Betty Boomer Shares 3 Blogging Lessons

  • I love this! Blogging Betty Boomer, I am right there with ya, sistah. Listen, if people do what you suggested, they’ll lose weight and have visitors to their blog. You are the bomb. Can I take you home with me? *grin*

  • Blogging Betty,
    I loved you advice, especially the first. As a author and a publicist, I do spend a great deal of time at the keyboard and it has added a few pounds. Taking a break by moving around will not only help shed a few but it will also get the blood moving faster, which will also help you think clearer.
    Thanks for the reminder

  • This is Blogging Betty Boomer, listen to my audio comment

  • Betty, your audio comment comes through loud and clear.
    Great reminder to move around, sometimes I’ll set a timer fr a hour, then get off and spend 15 minutes walking around block or doing house chores than back to cmputer.

  • Blogging Betty Boomer, you make very good points! I have back issues and I make it a point to get up and move every hour or so. Even with a good chair it’s not good to sit in one position for hours on end.

    I do graphics and digital art and, just like with my real world art, I tend to get so engrossed that I loose track of time – I can end up working up to 14 hours at the computer at a time!

    I know myself – I’m stubborn! I’ll work on something until it’s finished or until I conk out, whichever comes first, lol. I know I’m going to eat while working – so I keep healthy snacks available instead of junk. Believe it or not I actually lose weight when I’m involved in big computer design projects because I won’t stop to eat!

  • Robert

    Thanks for the tips. Could you check out my edublog and tell me what you think? You can find it a at http:nedtrevors.edublogs.org.

  • I have had the most fun & smiling all the way through the comments section with your audio comments. I have bookmarked your site. Found it from Jeanette Cate’s blog.

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