Blogging Crash Course by Tim Wilson

From time to time we will make really current and easy to understand tutorials, e-books, and special reports.

Today, or tonight rather since it is almost 11:18 pm I want to tell you that Tim’s special report is great!

Tim says the following:

  • I created a steady new flow of 250 visitors (plus) per day for a site in the self-improvement niche. That’s 7,500 new, highly targeted visitors per month!
  • I took a brand new site from PR 0 to PR 3 in less than 10 days. This process can normally take up to several months to achieve.
  • I added an average additional income of $425 per month to an established business. This revenue was completely passive and it was NOT from Adsense!
  • I created multiple first page listings on Google and other major search engines for a number of different search terms.
  • And all this is only the beginning!

If you want to invest in a copy of the Crash Course by Tim Wilson available by clicking on the tab that says Blogging Crash Course on top of the blog. I am reading my copy now.


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