Blogging Directories-Pt.4 Blogarama

Tonight, 11:46 pm(EST) there are 67,895 blogs listed in Blogarama!

Now the exciting thing is that this directory gets right to the point and asks you to submit your site. This user friendly interface provides another way for your blog to get indexed and increase your ranking in the directory.

The directory also allows you to browse for the most cool, most popular and highly rated. Now get ready for the shocking news. THERE ARE ONLY 10 SITES THAT ARE SHOWN WHEN YOU SEARCH ON BOOMER!

In addition, none of them are rated. So I spent time rating each and every one of them. And If any of you have an opportunity please submit your site and make sure it is rated. Plus rate the others.
Once you submit your site you are taken to another page that allows you to quickly generate a password and user name. STOP, write it in your password book. Key in the name of the site and url starting with that famous http:///.

After you give a description of your site it is suggested that you copy the link to blogarama and place it somewhere on your site f or better ranking in the directory.

It does not tell you where to put the link. You can put it into one of your text widgets. Or you can place your blogarama link here: Blogarama

I switched from the visual view to the code view in my blog and pasted the link directly after the word here.

Finally, you can submit articles that are related to blogging. I really stumbled upon it. This is the page link. 

So yes, check this directory out, post some articles and get folks to rate your blog!!! This directory has oodles of potential. The goal will be to get that site submitted and raise the number to 68,000 by the end of the month???


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