Yes you can submit your site RSS feed to the directory

If you do not know your RSS feed you can always get an account with and they will create a feed for you in seconds. If you don’t know what I am talking about click on the category RSS for some earlier postings.

There is a request that you either link to them or place a graphic button on your blog. For those of you new at doing this it is called reciprocal link exchange. Please observe that I placed the link for this site directly in the phrase link to them.

For those who are new to this I created the link by highlighting the words and then clicking on the box on the tool bar that looks like a chain. I clicked on the chain image and a box came up. In the box I pasted the link I copied on the directory site.

A little bit more about the directory Weblogalot. Once you submit your site RSS you can then place the code they provide into your blog software so that every time you post something new to your blog it is automatically pinged by your blogging software.

Now, that is a mouth fill. I can tell you that for and you can go into the OPTIONS panel then the WRITING tab. Scroll down to the section that says Update Services. In that wide box you can key in the places you want to be pinged every time you bost. And a ping is just a message that is sent to the sites to say, “Hey, some new stuff is up on this blog. Check it out!”

Also, this directory is really good about showing recent blog entries , breaking news and an archive. So I think this will be worth our time to submit our sites. Don’t forget to link back to them.


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