Blogging for Busy Boomers Pt.1

I am hearing a lot of baby boomers talk about how they are much too busy to blog or do any kind of social networking.  So, I am going to start sharing ways to make things livable on the internet.

I just signed up for TweetLater.

Now, many of you super savvy boomers have been telling me about it in your teleseminars, ebooks, etc, but I finally made the plunge. Let me tell you what I did so far:

Set up all my twitter accounts and included an auto follow message for all twitter followers. Now, I have not been a fan of auto messages. But if you make the message something that you would not mind getting it is cool. Iguess it is better to have some kind of message than forgetting to acknowledge that the person followed you at all.

I can also do a lot more , like schedule my tweets. Yes, that was my main purpose for joining. Sometimes you need to tweet  a blog post at different times of the day and you just may not feel like getting up at 3:00 just so you can get a tweet out to folks across the world. Well Tweetlater can do that and much more.

So, my fellow boomers, would you like to share more if you are aleady on Tweetlater?

8 thoughts on “Blogging for Busy Boomers Pt.1

  1. It’s funny that you mention TweetLater because I received a message yesterday from a woman I had given a shout out to the day before. She told me her post had been pre-scheduled through tweetlater. It would save me quite a bit of time during the day although I like being in the midst of the action when it’s LIVE. 🙂

    I guess I do need to get on TweetLater. Thanks for the push.

  2. I’m not a fan of a DM unless it is directly to me. I do a general welcome in the feed, and then I try to contact them individually. I can’t write everyone, but even some helps…this is what I have read from the people who have 30K followers.

    Maybe it’s me, but I feel cheated when I see Tweets come through Tweetdeck or TweetLater. These folks never see what I post or never answer me. Just saying that it isn’t right for me. I want to be in thd middle of the action, and limit my time while there.

    For anyone else…you are the DIVA that can show them what they need to know about it.

  3. Pam you make a valuable and insightful point. So far, I am more excited about scheduling my tweets. I am playing around with the auto feature. One of the reasons is because I am soooo far behind on personal notes. Thanks Pam

  4. Boy oh boy. You were my first Tweet teacher, and I’m afraid, even though you were great, I’m failing the course.

    I still don’t “get it” but may have to give Tweet Later a try. At least, it might get me more on the Twitter track!

  5. Started using Tweetlater shortly before I opened my 2nd twitter account as I find the ‘purging’ tool VERY useful!

    I found I needed to create a blog JUST for my twitter-tools, and this then became what’s known as, my ‘landing page’. See Chookfiles for more 🙂

  6. Did you know you can create more than one auto DM so they can be cycled through? I love Twitter and have most of my blogs (well, all my regular activity ones) linked to my Twitter profiles (I have more than one). Love it! @kathiesphotos

  7. Rosie,

    I couldn’t agree more about Tweetlater. It definitely has a place in the Twitterverse. It is not a replacement for interacting and creating great relationships on Twitter, but it is a great way to share relevant information in “drips” throughout the day that you may not otherwise have the opportunity to share.

    Thanks, Rosie for always being on the cutting edge!

    Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher
    WE Magazine for Women

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