Blogging is Great for Business Products and Services-Pt.1

In the last post I did an audio message using my telephone. I encouraged you to create a business card just for your blog. This will pump up the promotion of your blog. I showed you a thumbnail picture of the card for blogging for boomers.

Now I want to share the thumbnail we did for blog we have called Crumbsnatcher. This blog assists in the promotion of the storybook DVD we created called, Crumbsnatcher Gets a New Name.


Whereas, the static site is a one page site called Crumbsnatcher Gets A New Name. The site Crumbsnatcher is a blog. After the third revision of the DVD that contains music, voice overs by myself, kevin thompson and awesome drawings by my artist hubby, Ray Horner Jr, we are using the blog to post testimonials and insights about this delightful children’s story.

You can do the same thing. Create your card to promote a product or service. And also create a blog to promote discussion about your product and service.

The bottom line is blogging is great for business products and service! I would love it if you share some of your blog promotion ideas for your business or service.


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