Blogging is more than a chance to rant

It is amazing how many Baby Boomers feel that blogging is a total self serving waste of time. Many have not looked twice at it because negative connections to chat rooms or political rants. Yet, even those have their place and readership with many people.

Note that when you blog you have entered into the BLOGOSPHERE. Now unless your blog is private the world can see it.The blogosphere is the universe of blogs and bloggers and the conversations that take place. There is a way to keep the conversation going and we will be talking about that here also.

Recently, a friend of mine became excited when I told her that even a personal blog can be monitized (Make money) even if you host it with a blogging system like blogger. Makes sense because blogger is owned by google and they make it real easy to set up a blog and host it with the blogspot in the domain name. One of the  tabs you will see when you set it up will be ADSENSE. That is the way folks can get revenue with google ads. But we will talk about that in other posts.

Some folks are excited to know they can write an entire book or booklet on a topic they like by combining all of their blogging posts. Thats right, a little systematic blogging can yield content that can be published. Now of course the objection I get is “Well all someone has to do is get all your good information of your blog.” That is so true. But I know few folks who will cut and paste 50 or so blog entries and compile them.

But do know that all your postings will be in an ARCHIVE. The archive is your blogs history of postings usually grouped by month and year. This is important to know when you are searching for your posts also.

Some folks also have such a powerful message that they want to get it out to as many people as possible. Blogging can give you that platform.

Blog on what you know and enjoy and develop a reason for doing it. Make it fun, informative and profitable at the same time.


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