Blogging Platforms Using Typepad-Pt. 3

One of the first workshops I heard was on blogging using the typepad format. I was at a National Speakers Association Conference and did not attend the session on blogging but I made sure I got the tape. The speaker was kim Snider. She has one of the content chunked (in bite sized pieces) blog sites I know on finances.

In addition she gave a dynamic clear explanation on blogging using the Typepad interface to members of NSA. If you would like a copy of that cd you can visit the NSA store on the website. (And if any of you are experts who speak then do check out the membership information and tell them I sent you.) It was through my membership with NSA that I got interested in blogging. 

I am talking about her in this post because she uses Typepad.  Also her material is more than relevant for baby boomers. For example, visit a recent post on retirement strategies and you will see what I mean.

Personally, I struggled with the choice of using typepad vs wordpress. I cannot give you a point by point comparison as many of you reading this can do. ( I hope you do) But I can tell you that Typepad is a hosted site that you must pay for. Whereas, , as we discussion in the last post, is an open source-free site.

I could not have installed without help. I can do it now, albeit a bit slow, but I know  the steps as long as I can call my hero, The WordPress Wizard.  But Typepad is great when you want to get up and going real fast yet have a blog that you are proud to use if you are sharing your expertise.

Now, do note that you will have loads more templates to choose from in and some other bells and whistles more than Typepad. But if you want to do most of what is done in without fooling with html or php give Typepad a try. I have a link on this blog in the sidebar so you can try it out 30 days FREE.


PS Be sure to read the comparison of the different plans.

I would be interested in hearing what you can share about the typepad platform or other blogging platforms.

2 thoughts on “Blogging Platforms Using Typepad-Pt. 3

  1. Hi,
    In your post you used and interchangeably.

    You should point out to your readers the difference.

    I started on .com and moved to .org. When WP 2.3 came out with mandatory upgrade, I was hesitant. I was lucky enough to make contact with a fellow blogger ( that was willing to help.

    I have found easy to work with and very stable. With adding some plugins I saw a nice increase in traffic.

    I was at the point where I decided I didn’t want to be a techie, I would just rather be a blogger.

    Hope this feedback was useful.

  2. Thanks so much for this observation. I should have made a greater distinction in my writing about the .org and .com. Probably because I have sites in both I bounce between both platforms as well as blogger which I will write about next.
    Appreciate also your sharing of your experience.

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