Blogging Platforms You Can Use-MSN Spaces-Pt.6

I just completed a blog on MSN Spaces in less than 30 mins. with only 3 phone call interruptions. It is really boomer friendly. Go to and sign up for an email identity. I was able to then create a space, customize it, upload pictures and make a blog entry.

The blog you create will be hosted on msn’s site. Thus, you will have the just as you would if you did’s or blogger’s platform. If they host it you will then have to use their stuff as part of your blog name.

This blog platform will allow you up to 8mgs of space for pictures. Plus you can upload flash videos and photos in your blog post.

The name of my new blog is So give it a try. I will post more when I get other insights as I use it.


PS You can create a list of links to other sites if you pick the list feature on your space.

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