Blogging Platforms You Can Use-Yahoo 360-Pt 7

Another blogging platform you can use is Yahoo 360. In order to create a blog in Yahoo you must become part of the Yahoo community by getting a user ID and password.

I had done this many moons ago to join groups on yahoo. Today I did a search in yahoo for yahoo 360.


Next I found a really friendly interface that gave me more more info and allowed me to start the process of creating a blog in Yahoo 360. You can be up without any html knowledge in about 5 min.

Note the differences between the tabs my page, my blog and home. My page is how other people see you and home is where you can add photos, do a blog entry or invite a new friend.

The blogging platform has the reputation for really connecting with the blogging community by doing a Facebook like interface with your email friends.

This blogging platform is so easy that even a 90 year old can do it. 🙂 .But if you want a lot of design features you need to go with another platform. However, if you are a new comer and would appreciate all the communication and networking then this is a great place to start.

I would also strongly suggest joining the Yahoo 360 Yahoo Group. This will be a great place to learn at mega speed by the posting of messages and answers received.

So check it out!


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