Blogrovr  save you time. Just like a good dog RovR fetches posts from your favorite blogs about anything you’re browsing, and shows you summaries. You can open read posts without leaving the web page you were on. Blogrovr will also suggest popular items. You can download blogrovr directly if you are on the firefox browser. Of course it does lots more.

Bottom line is if you have subscribed to lots of other blogs this will help you keep up and read the posts that are relevant.

Many of you, I know, are on Explorer and I may be wrong but I think you need a firefox browser installed for it to work. I personally think everyone should have Firefox installed. Just don’t think it is healthy to have only one browser.

So do check it out and I welcome comments from some seasoned blogging boomers out there to share their experiences.  In all honesty I have it installed and only put 4 blogs into the feeder. But Ray on the other hand has trained that puppy to fetch all his blogs. Every time I go onto his computer the dog is barking and showing his excitement about the new posts that have been generated since he was gone.

So join me in checking it out and going deeper.


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