Blogs vs Websites

Before I begin I want to state that in my opinion they are both websites. They both have an online presence. A blog  or weblog is really a type of website. Many people are even considering using a well-formatted blog as their brochure website.

If you have the right template or theme, you can actually put your brochure on a blog.

To be very honest with you Ray and I love blogs because they give us the opportunity to make rapid changes.





Only if you seldom post



*****very interactive

You can put up surveys, polls and visitors can leave comments.

Can be but seldom

Search engines

Love blogs, fresh content makes it search engine friendly

Will have to work real hard to get good rankings

Fresh, updated content

**** You can update yourself whenever you want without a webmaster

Depends on how often you update pages. Most of it is dependent upon a webmaster. Creating a non-blog website can be hard.and the challenges discourage frequent updates.


Runs in the background of a blog. This software makes it easy to frequently add content to a blog.

Many blog programs and ready-to-use-out-of-the-box blogging services gets rid of the labor intensive function of setting up and building web pages.

Many website software programs depend upon you knowing HTML. Building a page the old way

Style and Design

 Oodles of templates available free with many blogging programs. If you run installed software, like wordpress from there are thousands of free themes. 

You can even have someone help you in changing the themes or  go with the ones available.

You can also purchase themes or templates with more bells and whistles.

 Yes, you have zillions of templates out there. And if you have a great designer you will have a good design.


 There are more things that can be said about the differences. But we wanted to present some of the points now and will share more along the way. 

Now you can create a blog page without it being any harder than writing and sending an email or posting a message to a discussion forum. Fun and informative blogs can be done with as much technical knowledge that it takes to send an email to your grandchildren.

Do you have some insights you would like to share?

Ray and Rosie

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