Boomer-Are You Ready to Blog? 7 Things You Should Do Before You Start-Part 2

Set aside about 3 hours during the week to look at other blogs on topics you are passionate about.

If you divide the 3 hours into 30 min. segments it may mean you miss CSI or Law and Order but it will be a rich experience. I am listing some of the blog search engines. Now you will need to submit the name of the search engines I mention in this article into Google.

Once you do that the site should pop up. Place your keyword into the search engine. For example if you are passionate about dogs then you can place that word into the search engine and see the blogs in internet land that deal with dogs.

I suggest starting with things you are  passionate about because looking at topics you like will keep your attention longer. That makes sense right? For example a friend of mine loves cats and I suggested she look at blogs on cats.

If you want to further narrow the search you could key in a specie of dog or cat that you care about. This will also give you authors of blogs that you might want to connect with in the future.

One of my favorite search engines for blogs is Google’s blogsearch.  All you have to do is go to Google and key in the word blogsearch. It probably be the first option.  After all, it belongs to Google.

The others are listed below:








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