Boomer-Are You Ready to Blog? 7 Things You Should Do Before You Start-Part 3

Decide what you are going to blog about.

In the last post I mentioned that you should be passionate and look at other blogs that share your passion.

When I first started blogging I did several blogs that were on topics I was passionate about. One of them I did on blogger ,and still exists, is on presentation tips that all begin with the letter “P. Since I am still and probably always be passionate about that expertise I will hopefully do more related to presentation tips.

Ray has another site, on art tips specifically for artists and art lovers. Of course that is one of his passions. Now we have other sites and they each reflect directly or indirectly an opportunity to express our passions. On some like another site that needs to be put up again on a different host, deal with passionate messages.

We have a site about verbal abuse. From that site we created a wordsblog. Now, clearly the messages are related to encouraging someone with postive words instead of abusing them with negative words.

You have passion messages and topics. Consider what you will blog about. You may not put up a blog for every message right now but once you start blogging you have that option if you have the time.

So, please take out a piece of plain paper and just start jotting down some topics and messages that are fired by you passions.

Decide after you circle at least 3 of them which will be your FIRST BLOG.

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