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Boomer roll call

I am finding that it is a big boomer blogging world out there. So if you are reading this and you are a blogging boomer please let us know. Tell us your site and what it is about. Also please tell others why you are blogging.
I am convinced this will help newer bloggers as well as those still shy about blogging.
Ray and Rosie

2 comments to Boomer roll call

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    WordPress has really made it easier to do trackbacks in new versions.  Scroll down after you write your post (but before you publish it) and find Trackback URL.  You will see that it says to put in the trackback you want to send to – use the entire U…

  • I am a boomer who is learning to blog. I am finding very informative and useful information and a realization that perhaps I should learn from WordPress instead of Blogger, but being desperate and ready to get started in August, I plunged ahead. That is a good thing and now I have little time to make the switch…Perhaps in a few months things will die down for me.

    I blog because I love to write and have recently rediscovered my passion for writing and know that I am on a spiritual journey with a specific purpose. The journey is the fun part and blogging provides an instant gratification in getting my work out there. I would appreciate comments written on my blog, if you all feel so inclined. Feedback is important yet so difficult for friends and family to do, it seems! So perhaps perfect strangers (and fellow boomer bloggers and wanna-be-bloggers) will have the inclination to comment!

    Keep up the great postings! This is really useful and very much appreciated!

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