Boomer Rosie makes her first Flip Video

You can make a video just as easy as Rosie did with the Flip Video Camera that has a USB plug attached right to the camera to plug into your PC or MAC. All you do with the Flip camera is press the record button and point and you are making a movie. As you can see a tripod would have helped, but if you don’t have one make a video anyway it’s fun. If you want to get one you can always click on the Amazon banner on this page.

We found out that their price was actually cheaper than where we purchased it at Costcos! You can get a 30 min. or 60 min useage before uploading to your computer.

Enjoy the video


1 thought on “Boomer Rosie makes her first Flip Video

  1. Who would believe that an inexpensive camera could produce a great video that you can place on your blog. This is the type of technology that anyone can use, just point and shot. You guys say you are Boomers but this is cutting edge information. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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