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Beta Test Sprout.com

Sprout is a brand new site for RSS feeds. It seems that they will be intuitive based on your needs. At any rate here is the white paper that tells you all about it.

Note that it is a pdf document.

Also, they have a blog so keep your eyes on the posts to […]

2 Baby Boomers Warming Up For Blogging

Check out two baby boomers, Ray and Rosie, getting ready to blog.


LIVE Streaming Blog Posts

If you are reading this now and online check out this 24 hour live streaming video blog posts from a really great blogger.

Why Do You Blog?

Why do you blog? Please share your reasons. I am teaching a blog motivation class, Blogging -is it More Than Just Blah, Blah Blah ? ,at a continuing education program in October. I would love you to share your answer and blog url. I will include some of the responses in my workshop.



Web 2.0-Ask City

I was sitting at my computer when my hubby came in and asked me a question about a car he saw on TV. I asked him, “What’s the name of the car?” After he told me the name I asked for the closest dealership. Of course it was Mercedes. I decided to go to a […]

Domain Name Ideas Can Be Stolen

Ray and I had just returned from our morning walk. We had a great product idea and wanted to search to see if the domain name we discussed was available for purchase. The blood was circulating to our brains from our robust walk and we were excited about the catchy domain name. We went to […]

No One Contributed to the Contest

No one contributed to the contest. But that is ok because I will do another one in the future. Too bad really great giveaway that Blog Management System.

Are You Using Associated Content?

Are you using Associated Content for paid article placement? Well, I have not used them but a fellow blogger, Cute Writing wrote a very insightful, researched article that candidly looks at business practices that you should know about. Many of us want to make money on some of our blogs but we should get the […]

7 Reasons I Blog

1. Blog posts sometimes become articles that I post in article directories. 2. My frustration with the slow pace of learning dreamweaver website software and an over committed but wonderful webmaster launched me into blogging. 3. Blogging is another system I have in place to begin systematic revenue streams that can help me provide more […]

Reasons That Your Blog Could Fail

Of all the people that have big dream of making a great living on the Internet there are more then half that will end up failing before the first month is over. So what is the difference between the people that are failing and the people that are making a huge amount of money […]