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How Can You Make Money With Your Blog

Ok, it is probably about time I start putting more on this blog about making money. Frankly, I am still learning.Boy am I learning. Ask my husband he will tell you how much I research this topic. I agree with Mike, it does take work and time.

I am trying not to be sleep deprived […]

Want to Make Money With Your Blog?

I know many of you were wondering when I might start talking about this topic. I saw, an excellent article on a really good blog. I wanted to share it and you can judge for yourself. However, please know that I do plan to provide more posts on the topic of making money from your […]

How To Create a Quick HTML Tag When You Don’t Know HTML

Just click here to see the video I did about creating html code even when you don’t know html. Click right here I promise you it will be short and sweet!

Barbie a Baby Boomer Blogger?

Barbie is a baby boomer what would she blog about? Is she already blogging? How many blogs would she have? Pop Diva has a great post about her today, her 49th birthday.

7 Reasons To Do Audio Interviews On Your Blog

7 Reasons to do Audio Interviews on Your Blog Why should you bother with doing an audio interview on your blog? That’s a good question and I am glad you asked. I am currently doing audio interviews on one of my blogs and I have a couple of reasons why I think every blogger should […]

Tell Us What You Would Like To Know

Tell us the topics you would like us to cover. I was just about to post about trackbacks and realized that I should ask you what you would like to hear about. Remember I do not always blog alone I have Blogging Betty Boomer and Artist husband Ray Horner Jr. so give a shout out […]

Is Super Bowl Time A Great Time For Tech Support?

The Super Bowl is has become an American Icon of activity that grabs the attention of millions yearly. However, last year instead of watching the game I watched my computer screen. I decided to contact tech support for issues that related to my hosts.

That is when I got an eye opening discovery. It was […]

How We Threw Away 30 Visitors to Our Blog With One Article

We threw away 30 visitors to our blog. It was real easy and you can do it too. We posted an excellent content filled article on collage making to several article directories. We had allowed several weeks to go by without checking the statistics. Finally, late one evening I decided to look at all the […]

There Were Lots of Visitors to Blogging For Boomers on Jan, 1, 2008

There were a lot of visits to this blog on Jan, 1, 2008. But no one gave a response to the question, Where are you going with your blogging this year? Please share your direction for the year.


Blogging for Boomers Team

Where Are You Going With Your Blogging in 2008?

I am writing this post on New Year’s Eve. The question on my mind is where do I want to go with my blogging in 2008? I desire to complete some blogging ideas I have written in my Idea Book. I also want to post more instruction tips for beginning bloggers and provide a place […]