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7 Reasons To Do Audio Interviews On Your Blog

7 Reasons to do Audio Interviews on Your Blog Why should you bother with doing an audio interview on your blog? That’s a good question and I am glad you asked. I am currently doing audio interviews on one of my blogs and I have a couple of reasons why I think every blogger should […]

Tell Us What You Would Like To Know

Tell us the topics you would like us to cover. I was just about to post about trackbacks and realized that I should ask you what you would like to hear about. Remember I do not always blog alone I have Blogging Betty Boomer and Artist husband Ray Horner Jr. so give a shout out […]

Is Super Bowl Time A Great Time For Tech Support?

The Super Bowl is has become an American Icon of activity that grabs the attention of millions yearly. However, last year instead of watching the game I watched my computer screen. I decided to contact tech support for issues that related to my hosts.

That is when I got an eye opening discovery. It was […]

How We Threw Away 30 Visitors to Our Blog With One Article

We threw away 30 visitors to our blog. It was real easy and you can do it too. We posted an excellent content filled article on collage making to several article directories. We had allowed several weeks to go by without checking the statistics. Finally, late one evening I decided to look at all the […]

There Were Lots of Visitors to Blogging For Boomers on Jan, 1, 2008

There were a lot of visits to this blog on Jan, 1, 2008. But no one gave a response to the question, Where are you going with your blogging this year? Please share your direction for the year.


Blogging for Boomers Team

Where Are You Going With Your Blogging in 2008?

I am writing this post on New Year’s Eve. The question on my mind is where do I want to go with my blogging in 2008? I desire to complete some blogging ideas I have written in my Idea Book. I also want to post more instruction tips for beginning bloggers and provide a place […]

If You Want Audio, Video and Testimonials on Your Blog Without Techno Fuss…

Hi, just finished an awesome 90 min. teleseminar on podcasting. I will take the basic training next week. All during my trail period with a super program called audio acrobat.

Now the rest of my message is in a quick and short audio clip I did via the phone to check the program out. I […]

Blogging Platforms You Can Use-Yahoo 360-Pt 7

Another blogging platform you can use is Yahoo 360. In order to create a blog in Yahoo you must become part of the Yahoo community by getting a user ID and password.

I had done this many moons ago to join groups on yahoo. Today I did a search in yahoo for yahoo 360.


Articles For Boomers Has Added New Categories

The ezine directory articles for boomers has added several new categories. They include, care giving, interviewing, blogging and boomer careers.

Why am I mentioning this on a blogging site? Because I want to encourage all of you bloggers and non bloggers to write and submit articles related to your area of interest and expertise.

When […]

What is a Boomer?

We have been asked the definition of a boomer. Well we like the wiki encyclopedia

definition below:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

a baby boomer is a person (human) born between 1946 and 1964 in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, or Australia. Following World War II, these countries experienced an unusual […]