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There Were Lots of Visitors to Blogging For Boomers on Jan, 1, 2008

There were a lot of visits to this blog on Jan, 1, 2008. But no one gave a response to the question, Where are you going with your blogging this year? Please share your direction for the year.


Blogging for Boomers Team

Where Are You Going With Your Blogging in 2008?

I am writing this post on New Year’s Eve. The question on my mind is where do I want to go with my blogging in 2008? I desire to complete some blogging ideas I have written in my Idea Book. I also want to post more instruction tips for beginning bloggers and provide a place […]

If You Want Audio, Video and Testimonials on Your Blog Without Techno Fuss…

Hi, just finished an awesome 90 min. teleseminar on podcasting. I will take the basic training next week. All during my trail period with a super program called audio acrobat.

Now the rest of my message is in a quick and short audio clip I did via the phone to check the program out. I […]

Blogging Platforms You Can Use-Yahoo 360-Pt 7

Another blogging platform you can use is Yahoo 360. In order to create a blog in Yahoo you must become part of the Yahoo community by getting a user ID and password.

I had done this many moons ago to join groups on yahoo. Today I did a search in yahoo for yahoo 360.


Articles For Boomers Has Added New Categories

The ezine directory articles for boomers has added several new categories. They include, care giving, interviewing, blogging and boomer careers.

Why am I mentioning this on a blogging site? Because I want to encourage all of you bloggers and non bloggers to write and submit articles related to your area of interest and expertise.

When […]

What is a Boomer?

We have been asked the definition of a boomer. Well we like the wiki encyclopedia

definition below:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

a baby boomer is a person (human) born between 1946 and 1964 in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, or Australia. Following World War II, these countries experienced an unusual […]

Blogging Boomers Share Lessons From Their Trials And Tribulations-Alan C Simms

Blogging Boomers share lessons from their trials and tribulations that challenge us to hope, dream and believe. Al Simms is a boomer and martial arts expert who has been blogging about his life lessons after a near fatal stroke.

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BlogRush Review: Using Widgets to Get Traffic to Your Blog

Just this Friday Sept. 14 I had the opportunity to interview Cathy, The WordPress Wizard and she shared the news about BlogRush. So we have set it up. This post from DoshDosh goes into even more detail. I agree it is worth checking out!

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We Did it! 70 Posts in 30 Days!

This blog was set up on Aug. 13, 2007. I challenged us to create 70 content driven, quality posts in 30 days. I know it may sound strange but it was a great self motivator. This challenge not only taught us a lot of information but it increased our search engine placement.

As baby boomers […]

What is a News Blog?

A news blog usually revolves around news stories. They may cover current events or some may focus directly on current events such as politics, religion, etc.

Some great examples of news blogs are abc news. and cbs news. There are simply loads of information, opinions, etc that will feed your own blogs. Do some research […]