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Blogging Boomers Share Lessons From Their Trials And Tribulations-Alan C Simms

Blogging Boomers share lessons from their trials and tribulations that challenge us to hope, dream and believe. Al Simms is a boomer and martial arts expert who has been blogging about his life lessons after a near fatal stroke.

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BlogRush Review: Using Widgets to Get Traffic to Your Blog

Just this Friday Sept. 14 I had the opportunity to interview Cathy, The WordPress Wizard and she shared the news about BlogRush. So we have set it up. This post from DoshDosh goes into even more detail. I agree it is worth checking out!

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We Did it! 70 Posts in 30 Days!

This blog was set up on Aug. 13, 2007. I challenged us to create 70 content driven, quality posts in 30 days. I know it may sound strange but it was a great self motivator. This challenge not only taught us a lot of information but it increased our search engine placement.

As baby boomers […]

What is a News Blog?

A news blog usually revolves around news stories. They may cover current events or some may focus directly on current events such as politics, religion, etc.

Some great examples of news blogs are abc news. and cbs news. There are simply loads of information, opinions, etc that will feed your own blogs. Do some research […]

We Want to Help You To Be Your Boomer Blogging Best!

In order to do that please give us comments, vote on the poll to the r ight, send an email if you want privacy, but let us know how to best meet your needs. Remember, as we learn we desire to pass it on to you. Blogging can be a most exciting experiance for anyone. […]

Do You Know How To Read The Stats From Your Host?

After I posted the last two articles I realized that many folks do not know how to read the stats of their host. Whereas if you have wordpress you can add a stat program and if you are on blogger you have google analytics but what about the host you are paying?

Hopefully you are […]

Lessons Learned About Transferring Domain Names

We have learned some powerful lessons about transferring domain names. Last night those lessons resurfaced to remind me of what should have never been forgotten.

Many of us reserve domain names on different registries. We do it because of many reasons. Some of those reasons usually include getting online real estate and others because we […]

Just Because I Blog Does Not Mean I Do Not Get Frustrated!

Yes, I am a boomer that blogs and right now I am frustrated. I am trying to upload a plug in to my wordpress site. I have read the almost greek read me file by the developer and it burns my brain. Now, it will get done but not after I take a deep prayer […]

Are You Looking for the Video and Cartoon Ray Did Thursday Aug. 16?

A lot of you unfamiliar to blogging may have received a note to visit the blog and see the video and cartoon ray did. This is just a reminder that blogs go in reverse chronological order. In other words the last think we post will be first. After a few posts the postings will be […]

Blogs vs Websites

Before I begin I want to state that in my opinion they are both websites. They both have an online presence. A blog or weblog is really a type of website. Many people are even considering using a well-formatted blog as their brochure website.

If you have the right template or theme, you […]