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I Hate The Word Retirement!

I hate the term, the translation and the tone of the word RETIREMENT. When I hear the word it makes me feel sleepy. I prefer and use the word TRANSITION. I am convinced that the term retirement slows down the sharing of expertise, experience and excellence in too many people. Now that is not true […]

Blogging tips and lessons for blogging boomers and wanna be blogging boomers

This is the changed tagline for this blog. Well, it is very close to the old tagline that said blogging tips and lessons for frustrated and computer shy folks over 45. Many of the readers are already blogging and some are thinking about blogging. Most of them get frustrated when things do not go well.


Baby Boomers and Booklets-Share and Share Alike-By Paulette Ensign

Below is a wonderful article written by Paulette Ensign who is a boomer and expert in creating tips booklets. Enjoy and think about the powerful ideas she was kind enough to share on this blog.


By Paulette Ensign

As one of those fabulous Baby […]

Dear Blogging Boomer

If you are a boomer visiting our site please also include a tip or two for beginning bloggers that will help them in this blogging adventure. Thanks

Boomer roll call

I am finding that it is a big boomer blogging world out there. So if you are reading this and you are a blogging boomer please let us know. Tell us your site and what it is about. Also please tell others why you are blogging. I am convinced this will help newer bloggers as […]