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  • Have You Created a Publication From Your Blog Posts Yet?

    I know that you can create a publication from your blog posts. I have not yet done it.Have you? If yes, please share your best tips. Thanks for being a boomer blogger author.

  • Baby Boomer Blogger Debra Takes Down a Plagiarist!

    Baby boomer blogger Debra Shiveley Welch takes down a plagiarist with brains and boldness and  a battle breastplate. She is my guest blogger today. Fight back with the same tools and attitude if someone messes with your writings. Read about Debra’s great battle with plagiarism that you can do too!

  • Blogging Wisdom

    What are other baby boomer bloggers thinking? What is their blogging wisdom? I just read an interesting post by David Au on blogging and wanted to share it with you. What are your recent blogging insights and wisdom?

  • Thinking about Guest Authors on Your WordPress Blog?

    Are you thinking about making someone a guest blog author on your wordpress blog? This question recently came up and although I have made folks guest bloggers by inserting their articles I never gave anyone access to my site to be a guest blogger. So, I decided to re-check the roles and capabilities for users on […]