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  • How To Set Up a Blog on WordPress Video Worth Viewing

    I am listening to and viewing an excellent video tutorial on setting up your blog. The author has done a very good job.  

  • Are You on and Want to Add a Registration/RSVP Contact Form?

    I just posted about a creative way a Non-Profit organization used their blog to get registrations for a webinar. It is so cool. Of course if you are on you can use a plug in like Event Registar or RSVP Maker. I know there are others and feel free to share them. Meanwhile […]

  • Updated Version of Problogger is NOW Available

    <A HREF=”” mce_HREF=””> Widgets</A><br /><br /><br /> Yes it is true. You can make 6 Figures with your blogging! Here is one of my inspirations. Grab a copy of his updated book by clicking on the picture above. Sometimes when I get a wee bit slowed down in my blogging I remember that you really […]

  • Have a Complaint About a Blog?

    Yes, you can make a complaint  about a blog. Ok, look very carefully at my wording. I said WordPress.COM blog not WordPress.ORG. A blog is hosted by WordPress. Whereas, the is self-hosted. That means you purchase the hosting space for it to live. Which means if you are on a hosted site […]

  • How To Set Up a Blog-Pt. 1(Virgin Bloggers Only)

    A basic set up step by step for a blog.

  • Really Basic Videos Just Posted

    There is a site called Rosie’s Blog Class that I use for anyone to visit after they have gotten coaching from me or I have conducted a blogging class. It may be very basic for those of you on However, I find that starting folks out on as practice, hobby or quick start […]

  • Blog Platforms May Be Different But is The Message The Same?

    When was the last time you went to Google’s blogsearch engine and just observe the varied blog platforms? Each one is different and can have more or less functionality. Yet, sometimes that does not seem to matter when you are just gleaning the impact of the message. I just did a post looking at the […]

  • Domain Name Ideas Can Be Stolen

    Ray and I had just returned from our morning walk. We had a great product idea and wanted to search to see if the domain name we discussed was available for purchase. The blood was circulating to our brains from our robust walk and we were excited about the catchy domain name. We went to […]

  • Blog Platform Comparison Chart Contest-Deadline 11 pm EST

    Ok are you ready for the challenge. A contest is brewing for the best comparison chart of blogging platforms. It will only last until Monday, May, 5, 2008. The prize will be a copy of the Blog Management System that will be completed and announced before the end of the month. The system will consist […]

  • Blog Platform Comparisons-Typepad vs Pt.3

    Andrew Merritt had a great post on this topic.  He reports on the new design initiatives from Typepad. Ok, I hope to hear from some of you out there. What do you have to say?