Are You on and Want to Add a Registration/RSVP Contact Form?

I just posted about a creative way a Non-Profit organization used their blog to get registrations for a webinar. It is so cool. Of course if you are on you can use a plug in like Event Registar or RSVP Maker. I know there are others and feel free to share them.

Meanwhile check out the post on adding a RSVP contact form to your blog platform.

Updated Version of Problogger is NOW Available

Yes it is true. You can make 6 Figures with your blogging! Here is one of my inspirations. Grab a copy of his updated book by clicking on the picture above.

Sometimes when I get a wee bit slowed down in my blogging I remember that you really can monitize your blogging efforts. As a matter of fact the widget you see in this post is a direct link to the 34% discount you will get by ordering on Amazon. And I will get a small yet true percentage of every sale I make. (4.00%)
Now some of you are saying,” Ha, you certainly can’t make much for your pension that way,”
But it’s like saving pennies, it all adds up.
So grab a copy today and read along with me.
That’s all I am going to say because I am going to get over there and grab my copy.

Have a Complaint About a Blog?

Yes, you can make a complaint  about a blog. Ok, look very carefully at my wording. I said WordPress.COM blog not WordPress.ORG.

A blog is hosted by WordPress. Whereas, the is self-hosted. That means you purchase the hosting space for it to live. Which means if you are on a hosted site with you site can COME DOWN when they find that it is against the terms and agreements. YOU HAVE NO CONTROL.

Now, it is important if you are using a WordPress.COM site that you know the kinds of things that qualify as a compliant. It is also important if you see a site that you may have issues with.For example, I have found some of my articles posted on splogs. Those are fake blogs, usually reusing content from other sources, used to generate link spam Many have  incorporated my articles into spam material. Most of the time the site does not make sense. It may also be high on the porn end. is an excellent platform and I start almost everyone I coach with a site to get used to basic blogging. But never encourage them to stay there if they are promoting a business. Instead, I encourage them to transfer to self-hosted  so they have more search engine juice and steriod like functionalities via plugins etc.

So, you can view the policy on complaints from It is an eye-opener.

Really Basic Videos Just Posted

There is a site called Rosie’s Blog Class that I use for anyone to visit after they have gotten coaching from me or I have conducted a blogging class. It may be very basic for those of you on However, I find that starting folks out on as practice, hobby or quick start for community blogging can be close to awesome.

So, visit when you can or send others because I plan to explode it with  step by step information. Of course, the version will change more than we change and update our blogs but that is a great place to learn new versions when they come out.

So visit the lasted videos just posted.

Blog Platforms May Be Different But is The Message The Same?

When was the last time you went to Google’s blogsearch engine and just observe the varied blog platforms? Each one is different and can have more or less functionality. Yet, sometimes that does not seem to matter when you are just gleaning the impact of the message.

I just did a post looking at the 10 blogs by baby boomer women which made you feel good to be a baby boomer woman. While composing the post I realized the different blog platforms. Yet, my focus was on the category I had chosen.

For example, if the site ends in then it is a site hosted by If it is, it is hosted by

You can dissect each one for good and bad structure, etc, but the bottom line is always, to me, the MESSAGE.

So, regardless of the platform you have chosen be sure that the message is understood by your audience. Does that make sense?

Domain Name Ideas Can Be Stolen

Ray and I had just returned from our morning walk. We had a great product idea and wanted to search to see if the domain name we discussed was available for purchase. The blood was circulating to our brains from our robust walk and we were excited about the catchy domain name. We went to our office downstairs and promptly keyed in the domain name idea into our Internet browser.

The search showed that no domain name existed. So we went to a registrar to lock in the name. We were ready with credit card in hand.

We could not believe that the domain name was available as a .com. WOW!

But then we had second thoughts. “Why not wait until we had breakfast and discuss it further.

It didn’t take long to eat our oatmeal. As we further discussed the product idea we started mapping out an operational plan. Ah, yes, one of the tasks was to get the domain name that would brand the product.

We ran back downstairs, careful not to fall, as we hustled to our computer. We decided to register the name. We were stunned and stared at the computer screen at the message glaring in front of our eyes. “UNAVAILABLE” The domain name was purchased soon after we searched for it in our browser address line.

Was it magic? We looked around the office to see if there were hidden listening devices. How did they know? What was happening.

THE DOMAIN NAME WAS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. But how could that be we wondered. Later we found out that searching for a domain name in the Internet browser is a NO NO!

So tonight we wanted to share this tid bit with you. Search for the availability of a domain name in a well known registrar like
and places like domaintools Stay away from searches in your Internet browser or search engine search boxes.

Has this ever happened to you?

Ray and Rosie

Blog Platform Comparison Chart Contest-Deadline 11 pm EST

Ok are you ready for the challenge. A contest is brewing for the best comparison chart of blogging platforms. It will only last until Monday, May, 5, 2008. The prize will be a copy of the Blog Management System that will be completed and announced before the end of the month. The system will consist of really cool forms that will help you manage your blog(s).

You can submit your form as a comment to this post or send it to All charts will be posted. Please put “compare blogs” in the subject line.

Ray and Rosie

with consultation from Blogging Betty Boomer