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Blog Platform Comparisons-Typepad vs WordPress.com Pt.2

So do you know anything about server side scripting??? This post contains language that may frighten some baby boomers. Even many less than 40 folks might tremble. But you want to learn let me know I am taking a class now with a fellow baby boomer who is just so bright and enjoying it. You […]

Blog Platform Comparisons-Typepad vs WordPress.com Pt.1

I am doing a private research of comparisons made about some of the various blogging platforms. To start I am posting a chart and comments from a blog post done in January, 2008. Now lots can happen in just a few months on the internet. But I decided to start providing some of the information […]

How Do I Ping?-Pingomatic and Kping Can Help You

Pings is when two internet connections communicate with each other. Yes, we could go deeper but for now that is enough for now.

Some blogging publishing software have the pinging part of the function of the software. That means every time you post some networks are notified. On Typepad you can opt to ping two […]

WordPress.com vs Blogger.com by Michael Sync

I am asked this question by many folks I coach. I think this is one of the most comprehensive and clear compilations I have seen. I also really like the comments made by his readers. One person gave additional insights from their experiences.

So click on and study this great comparison chart and the resulting […]

Blogging is Great for Business Products and Services-Pt.1

In the last post I did an audio message using my telephone. I encouraged you to create a business card just for your blog. This will pump up the promotion of your blog. I showed you a thumbnail picture of the card for blogging for boomers.

Now I want to share the thumbnail we did […]

Blogging Platforms You Can Use-Yahoo 360-Pt 7

Another blogging platform you can use is Yahoo 360. In order to create a blog in Yahoo you must become part of the Yahoo community by getting a user ID and password.

I had done this many moons ago to join groups on yahoo. Today I did a search in yahoo for yahoo 360.


Blogging Platforms You Can Use-Movable Type-Pt. 5

Movable Type is, in my opinion, is not for the beginning blogging boomer. It is a powerful, I mean powerful blogging platform for the inquisitive, adventurous, e xperimental and tech oriented boomer who is willing to download and install multiple programs to enhance and tweak their blog. Now don’t get me wrong wordpress.org users do […]

Blogging Platforms Using Typepad-Pt. 3

One of the first workshops I heard was on blogging using the typepad format. I was at a National Speakers Association Conference and did not attend the session on blogging but I made sure I got the tape. The speaker was kim Snider. She has one of the content chunked (in bite sized pieces) blog […]

Blogging Platforms Using WordPress.org-Pt.2

WordPress.org is an open source (and thus a free) platform that provides you with tools required to set up a blog. In order to get started you’ll need to find an hosting service that will be compatible with WordPress hosting. WordPress.org has a list of preferred hosting services (but also companies not listed there can […]

Boomer Blog Platform Points-What is WordPress.com?

After reading that excellent article in ProBlogger archives I thought it was best to share some critical information, as we understand it with my boomer mind about some of the common blogging platforms beginner and intermediate boomer bloggers may or may not already know about.

What is WordPress.com?

Wordpress.com is a FREE hosted blogging […]