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Blog Food-Guest Blogger Series

Hi, I sure hope you are enjoying this series by guest blogger Toolie. I also hope you are getting the message about posting different types of blog food. The series is a feast that can last a long time. Rosie

Reason 4 of Top Ten Reasons to Manage Your Own Websites and Blogs Reason 4 […]

More on Gravatars

After writing a short introduction post to gravatars someone wrote a very detailed and wonderful post on the topic. I mean this post is basic 101 which is just what many folks need when they do not have a clue how to get that cute image up on their sites.

I found out about the […]

What in the Heck is a Gravatar? How Do You Get One?

What is a Gravatar?How do you get one? Well this really good video will answer your question. After you finish you won’t want to leave home without it!

Go right over to Gravatar and get started.

When Was The Last Time You Checked Your Links And Opt-ins?

When was the last time you checked your links and opt-in boxes on your blogs. Do they still work?

This evening I was chatting with a friend and sent her to, what I thought, was a working opt-in box. Well, it worked but took us to the wrong THANK YOU PAGE for the wrong free […]

How To Set Up a WordPress.com Blog-Pt. 1(Virgin Bloggers Only)

A basic set up step by step for a WordPress.com blog.

Thinking about Guest Authors on Your WordPress Blog?

Are you thinking about making someone a guest blog author on your wordpress blog? This question recently came up and although I have made folks guest bloggers by inserting their articles I never gave anyone access to my site to be a guest blogger.

So, I decided to re-check the roles and capabilities for users […]

Are Your Permalinks Still Naked?

Have you put cloths on your permalinks since the last discussion about them? Well, just in case you didn’t here is the link to the post I am talking about.


Now, normally I hide this link behind words in the post. For example, I may say read the post about permalinks and highlight the […]

Your Blog Is Talking-But What Is It Saying?

Your blog is talking, but what is it saying? I just read an insightful post about how our site communicates to our readers. After reading it I decided to pay closer attention to what my site may be saying. When you review these simple, yet powerful points you will, like me, pay closer attention to […]

Are Your Permalinks Naked?

Do you have naked permalinks? That means they are not clothed with a clear indication of what they are all about. When was the last time you looked at your permalinks? Ok, let me STOP HERE and ask ,what are permalinks? Well I really like the definiltion by WordPress which says:

Permalinks are the permanent […]

Domain Name Ideas Can Be Stolen

Ray and I had just returned from our morning walk. We had a great product idea and wanted to search to see if the domain name we discussed was available for purchase. The blood was circulating to our brains from our robust walk and we were excited about the catchy domain name. We went to […]