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Blog Talk-5 List of Blogging Terms

I came across this in my research and wanted to share it with you. It is a list of blogging terms that have been compiled by Wikipedia. They are super good and open for additions to the list.

Many of these terms I have never seen. So you can review the list here.

Blog Talk-4 More on Categories

Blog categories are so very powerful. Once again I am sharing the information contained in the WordPress Codex-word for word.

So please, I beg you to read the information below.

Each post in WordPress is filed under one or more Categories. This aids in navigation and allows posts and to be grouped with others of […]

Blog Talk-3-Categories

Categories organize the stuff you write in your blog. Actually many folks can relate to a category like the chapters in a book. Ah, does that mean you could blog your book easily by managing your categories? Ummm

Here is some talk about categories given by WordPress.(08)

“Each post in WordPress is filed under one […]

Blog Talk-2

Blog talk-What are comments?

The definition of comments from WordPress.com is below.

Most blogs have a method to allow visitors to leave comments. There are also nifty ways for authors of other blogs to leave comments without even visiting the blog! Called “pingbacks” or “trackbacks“, they can inform other bloggers whenever they cite an article […]


Blog talk is not the same as everyday language. So, I decided to start passing on some definitions taken, for the most part, directly from online blogging platforms or Wikipedia. Now, believe it or not there is super great information in the WordPress codex. Ok, what is the codex? That is the place where some […]

What is a Blog?-Wikipedia

What is a blog is defined very nicely in Wikipedia.

What is a Blog?-Blogger

Blogger has a really great definition of a blog! Check it out.

Did You Get Your Blogging Crash Course Yet?

Check out the page on this site. Click here.

I Learned How to Create My First Blog After Using Video Tutorials

I took my time and learned how to create my first blog using this really cool service. I was frustrated trying to create a website. So, I tried my hand at blogging. I discovered a great site that allowed me to learn from video tutorials.

I sat down for only a couple of sessions and […]

Get Valuable Basic WordPress Information Free

Take advantage of the valuable and free basic information on wordpress. This information is shared by Cathy Perkins. Why am I sharing this with you? Because Cathy knows her stuff! Yes, it is true I don’t know how long it will last but for now sit at the table and enjoy the meal. Cathy not […]