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How Do You Change the Order of Your Pages in WordPress?

I just found out how to change the order of my pages in WordPress! I had developed several pages in a blog I was working with on a collaborative health project called Be in the know . However, when I tried to change the order of the pages it would not work! Just when I […]

Do You Use the Advanced Toolbar in WordPress?

Do you use the advanced toolbar feature in your WordPress blog? Where is it?

Well, just go to the very last thing on your tool bar. Allow your cursor to hover over the feature next to the question mark. You will see that it says “advanced toolbar.”

Click on it now.

Then directly beneath the […]

Get Boomer Friendly Themes/Templates

It has come to my attention that it is important to have themes or templates that are designed for the older eyes in mind. Not don’t get me wrong I am not one of those folks that say everything is old for boomers. But the reality is that some themes or templates have real small […]

How to Log into a WordPress blog-The Basic Two Step Approach

All bloggers please ignore this post! This is for anyone who is reading blogs but still do not have a blog. We just wanted to write the basic overlooked two steps for logging into the blog. There may be other ways someone out there gets in but here is the basic two step approach.

Follow […]