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Blogging Platforms You Can Use-MSN Spaces-Pt.6

I just completed a blog on MSN Spaces in less than 30 mins. with only 3 phone call interruptions. It is really boomer friendly. Go to spaces.msn.com and sign up for an email identity. I was able to then create a space, customize it, upload pictures and make a blog entry.

The blog you create […]

Affiliate Ads and Adsense is Not ALLOWED on WordPress.com

Thanks to a discussion on blogcatalog.com, a really good blog community, I found out that you cannot add affiliate ads to wordpress.com. Now please note that I said wordpress.com not wordpress.org. If you recall wordpress.com is hosted by wordpress but if you do wordpress.org that is open source software hosted by you.

So, in case […]

Strategic Blogging: Creating the Right Content to Achieve Your Income Goals

I read the article below and wanted to share it with others. It is great for boomer blogging to think about a blogging approach for making money with your blog. Read it and think about it. I am still reflecting on this perspective from a seasoned blogger.

Strategic Blogging: Creating the Right Content to Achieve […]

Is Blogging a Good Way to Make Money?

Yes, this will be a category on the bloggingforboomers site. This post by Chris gives an honest and hard to swallow assessment. But it is very truthful. Every boomer who wants to or is already blogging should read this post and the COMMENTS that are related to the post.

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How Thinking Like an Entrepreneur Will help You to Make Money

Please keep these excellent tips in mind when researching other blogs. It is a different mindset. But it should be a blogging boomer mindset.

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