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  • How To Get Dynamic Traffic To Your Blog Pt. 1

    Enjoy this powerful series by Guest Blogger Ron Whitaker OK, folks, history lesson time! Back in the 1800s American humorist Josh Billings made the following famous quote (actually, a little rhyme!): “I hate to be a kicker, I always long for peace,  but the wheel that does the squeaking is the one that gets the […]

  • Another Great Baby Boomer Blog Carnival-Get Blogging Ideas

    Here is another great baby boomer blog carnival. There are lot’s of blogging ideas plus an opportunity to leave comments. Let other baby boomer blogger know what you think about their blogging. After all, we boomers must stay together and support each other. Click on this recent blog carnival here.

  • Random Facebook Pages of Blog Challengers Will Be Reviewed

    I am currently in a 30 Day blog challenge sponsored by Jeannette Cates. There are over 100 people participating. Now the cool thing about this is not only do you meet more people but you pump out blog content. This makes the search engines happy and may fulfill other goal s you personally have for […]

  • Blog Food Guest Blogger Series-#2

    Reason 2 of Top Ten Reasons to Manage Your Own Websites and Blogs Reason 2 – Saving Time on Quick and Easy Updates to Your Sites By Toolie One of the challenges entrepreneurs face when trying to grow their business is the point at which they begin to acquire helpers. Some use virtual assistants, some […]

  • Blog Food-Guest Blogger Series

    Hi, I sure hope you are enjoying this series by guest blogger Toolie. I also hope you are getting the message about posting different types of blog food. The series is a feast that can last a long time. Rosie Reason 4 of Top Ten Reasons to Manage Your Own Websites and Blogs Reason 4 […]

  • Blog Food-Guest Blogger Series # 6

    10 Top Ten Reasons to Manage Your Own Websites and Blogs Reason 6 – Jazz Up Your Website or Blog with Ideas from Other Sites By Toolie Have you ever seen a cool image, graphic, or feature on another site and wondered how it’s done? With a little knowledge and some curiosity, you can find […]

  • Blog Food-Guest Blogger Series # 9

    Here is Toolie’s installment # 9 in her series :  10 Top Ten Reasons to Manage Your Own Websites and Blogs Reason 9: Seizing Opportunities as They Come Along If you’ve spent any time reading my emails or participating in my webinars, you know that I emphasize how fast the Internet moves, and how important it […]

  • Blog Food-Teaching Videos

    Teaching videos or videos that teach you something are great blog food. Why? They are not just a sales promotion They provide content that you can put into action right away They are great for everyone, including baby boomers if they are done well I love them Now, you don’t always have to post the […]

  • A New Way to Promote Your Facebook Page

    I found a really cool way to promote my Facebook page with a short link. No, I am not talking about Tinyurl, or Snipurl. Whereas both of them are excellent for shortening that long Facebook page url, I am using a WordPress plugin that keeps the name of my site in the url but sends […]

  • Windows Movie Maker-Still Learning

    Just in case you are wondering why I posted the Windows Movie  video in the last post I will tell you. I just discovered it. That’s right I read about it in a newspaper article and played with it on the same day, Now it is not perfect. I sent it to email and after […]